Showcasing startup with 1.9.4 with Tech!



Hello, I has just started on tech on 1.9.4 and wanted to showcase some of the things I has on the whitelisted server that I will be opening up in the next couple of days.

Here is the Spawn that I has created so far..


Here is the "hallway" to the spacious area that I found maturely

Finally the area itself primary I just has setup a basic manual wheat farm and semi automatic tree farm.

The picture doesn't show the coal generator which is underneath the stone chopper. Thus I has to reload it occasionally for now.

Feel free to leave feed backs on what you guys thoughts are on these. I will be posting more stuffs once the server get "some steam" (or if I made some major changes myself beforehand).


for wich circles is the server intended? the forums? friends?
Thanks you for taking interest

It will be intended to be an "open" whitelisted server. Meaning as long as you were to fill in the application as intended then you will be more than welcome to join. I just choose to whitelist it as I find it easier to manage people that are on it by doing this.

If yourself are interested PM me and I will be happy to talk to you regarding it.


Which modpack is it?
I has made it myself basically containing a base selection of tech mods. :) They are quite interesting compared to the BC+TE+IC+AE combos that seems to be in most packs. If you want know more then feel free PM me.

Anyways back to on topic I will be making some major changes coming to you "piping hot" (you will get it when I post it later tonight/tomorrow).


Alright as I mentioned here a much progress made!

Threw away the furnace for I has something MUCH more powerful now on the server. However I did put in this Alloy Smelter from Fun Ores (works pretty much like TE's Induction Smelter machine). More on what I do for furnace needs later.

An overview of the updated spacious area.

From Steam Advantage mod (from left to right) Coal Fired Boiler, Rock Crusher (it's similar to TE's Pulverizer) and.. behold the Steam Furnace! It not just a "steam fired" furnace but it able to smelt 3 things AT the SAME time! Did I mentioned that you can also give it a "boost" by feeding it furnace fuels directly to it while it hooked up to some steam? Now that's a furnace that'll "cook away" the competition lol.


It comes to no surprise to most when a boiler needs water. But without those "fancy" machines to "generate" water how do we do it? Well a drain in an infinite water source is the way. Hooker up with pipes to the boiler and "booms goes the dynamite"! Be careful though! I has to make the "mega" 3x3 water spring to "combat" the drain insane drainage capabilities.

Piping hot steam! Where is the rest off to?..

Why to power the tree farm on steam!

Took all day today but I thought it was really worth the "upgrades". I will want to dig more to add some steam tanks and possibly even fire another steam boiler. Because the farm will currently lags behind when sometime there are those now those insanely large oaks.


This is really nice, good job!
Thanks you and it does not ends there!


Trial setup of the Steam Powered Drill

Coal Fired boiler attached to the Drill.

It's drill bit in action and yes they actually hurts you if you go by the bit itself. It's was a cool thing but unfortunately quite slow so I am going to retire it for an Iron Miner from Progressive Automation.

Almost fully automatic tree farm. Just need to replace the tool when it breaks. I has been up to an Iron version so it can accept Steel Axes. Plus threw in some additional upgrades for good measures.


The outputs are carried by Conveyors from the Power Advantage mod and dumps into a 2x2 drawer. Tossed in a Steam Boiler Tank and another boiler while I was it.


so I am going to retire it for an Iron Miner from Progressive Automation.
Make that a...

RNG Quarry from the JAPTA mod! It will dig the chunk that it's in and at the level that the the machine directly sitting it.


The only thing that weird about this thing is the way it mines.. However it DID clear all the way down to bedrock without any issues. I am hoping I can inject more "juice" to make it run much faster. I know for a fact that it can stores up to 2k of RF worth of "juice".


Threw in two more tanks. This should helps mitigate the "suprise" craziness of the tree farm.
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do u have build craft?
No I am sorry no (correct me if I am wrong) since there isn't one for 1.9.4 yet. :(

HOWEVER as I showed in my showcase there are most BC like stuffs in the pack already.

Conveyors and various Filtered Conveyors takes care of your item transportation needs.

While the RNG Quarry works pretty much like the BC quarry except it only does a chunk per placement and uses a pick for mining ores that aren't able to be mine with a wooden pick/shovel.

Power from Actually Addtions, Electric/Steam Advantage, RFtools+RFdimensions. and Progressive Automation all provide generators to directly/indirectly generates RF. You can also use the Advantage mods to indirectly store the power in another form (like the steam tanks I have).

I will be doing a major update on the pack and put the server "into gears" once there is at least a mod to chunkload stuffs though (even indirectly). Until then I will be happy to share more adventures with what I have.


Hello guys! Here is the RNG Quarry at it again!

Freshly fired...


Five minutes later...

Mined the entire chunk within ~21 minutes on just 320RF/t!

Ho and it hit some Witch Ores from Fun Ores and thus I got a dozen of glowstone dusts and other interesting things.