Server auto restart script for windows


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Jul 29, 2019
So I've made this for personal use but decided to release it to the public.
Only thing you need to know before is to start the server using this exe file =)
The instructions are inside the script itself, displayed in a series of messages
Note: Please read the messages in the program when they pop up, they may contain important information.
You can also set the restart interval ( in hours ) yourself.
Please do give me feedback on this / whether it works, thanks.:)

Download links:
x86 servers:
x64 servers:

There is already a script here,, so why use this? My script addressed many of the problems that this script did not.

1. The above script relies on the text box in the server window to be already activated, therefore requiring user intervention everytime the server is restarted. My script on the other hand only asks for a mouse coord once, and can restart the server repeatedly based on that. This script is 100% reliable unless you did not read the instructions in the script and accidentally changed the size of the server window.
2. My script allows for a custom restart interval setting.
3. My script allow you to set a custom cooldown period between shutdown and startup
4. Best feature of all : it allows you to send one line of anything to the text box after restart ( can be used to modify gamerules )


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Jul 29, 2019
Hi there,

Thanks for the contribution, liking the additions :D

But is there a possibility to provide the actual script as well like redconfusion did in his post?
This would allow for some personal adjustments :) (backups, no repetitive questions when starting script, multiple servers etc etc)

If possible it would be much appreciated :)



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Jul 29, 2019
This script works fine as long as you run a server with the gui, but in my case I don't use the gui because CPU usage while using it is 40-50%. Where as with no gui it uses 5-10% CPU. Is there any way to get this to work without the gui?


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Jul 29, 2019
I've just run it and have yet to see if it works (after 2 hours). First impression: very nice functionality, but a bit unpolished. I'd like to throw in some suggestions:

1) One GUI instead of many window dialogs.

2) A button "It won't work, now what?" which would point out classic mistakes and give instructions so clear a baby could understand them. For example, I held the cursor inside the cmd window instead of the server gui and would probably not have figured that out without seeing webguy2003's post.

3) Seperate servers (if the functionality is added) are separate tabs of the same window, adding a new one would be as simple as opening a new tab in an Internet browser

4) Type something like "$%&n" in the "server message" as a count for successful automated restarts. "[Server]: Successfully restarted X times". Just add an increase to this variable each time the script loops.

Edit: There were a couple more of those little things, but I forgot them as I was writing these xD

Edit2: It seems that the server successfully restarted 1st time. But the window moved to it's default position the next restart.
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