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New Member
Nov 14, 2020
Hello Fellow Server Admins!

I am fairly new to hosting a server. I had originally believed I would just host a server and open it up for all players. However, as you all have experienced before, I had to become more strict. I am wondering, what kind of management systems have you incorporated that works for you?

I currently have an FTB Rev server, that's basically FFA. It's free. There's no discord membership requirement. Basic server rules (Respect others, etc).

Common Problems:
-Lack of communication = Players do not inform other players why they won't sleep. It has caused some unnecessary conflicts, such as players harassing each other in chat.
-Immature players = it's the internet. I know there's all sorts of people, if I open up the server. I have implemented a system where players would report folks who harass others. And I just ban them. I also have a no PVP system, which deters a lot of trolls from joining in the first place.

I am considering whitelisting the server and starting from Ground Zero. I am also thinking about making an application. I am a one-woman admin. I work a day job and my husband helps here and there. He would rather have me charge players and only allow players with a discord account join. If you had charged players and/or implemented discord membership before, what does it look like?

I am still exploring and searching for what system works for me. I actually really enjoy the FFA system, but I also would like it to be easier for my active players to chill and enjoy the server.