Same FPS regardless of settings

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Jul 29, 2019
Title Same FPS regardless of settings

Launcher Type Twitch Desktop App

Modpack All

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Have you modified the pack? No

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Details of the issue I'm having this weird issue with my brand new pc, Ryzen 3-2200G with 8gbs of ram, were regardless of pack and settings I'm getting really low fps with long plummets in fps. Oddly enough, at max settings I tend to have better fps than at low settings, but my fps still tends to average at ~8fps with regular 2-15 second dips to 0fps. No clue what's causing it. According to task manager, my system isn't being taxed in any way. I have the most recent version of Java 64-bit with 4gb allocated for Minecraft. It's a really baffling problem.
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