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Running FTB through a Proxy server (Windows)

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Domenic Parker, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Domenic Parker

    Domenic Parker Active Member

    For dummies, this is a way how to run the launcher through your school's web blocker

    If you know how to do this with the normal Minecraft Launcher, its basically the same steps

    To do this you must download the "jar" version of the FTB Launcher
    Download: http://www.creeperrepo.net/direct/FTB2/bcf5b1fe6d640e755aec5e6175a9e127/launcher^FTB_Launcher.jar

    Save this to wherever you plan to launch FTB from

    In the same folder create a new text document and name it whatever you would like, you'll delete it later anyways

    Open the text document with Wordpad or Notepad

    Copy and paste this code into the document: java -Dhttp.proxyHost=yourproxyHost -Dhttp.proxyPort=yourproxyPort -Xmx800m -jar FTB_Launcher.jar

    Once this code is in, replace the "yourproxyHost" with your proxy address (EX. and replace the "yourproxyPort" with your proxy port number (Ex. 0000)

    Once that is over with, click File, Save As, and make sure the file is saving wherever you put the FTB_Launcher.jar and then name it Run.bat

    Now you can delete the old text document that you opened (no longer needed)

    Now, to run your Launcher using the Proxy you double-click the Run.bat

    Note: You can always create a shortcut on your desktop to your Run.bat file :)

    Changing the proxy server that FTB_Launcher.jar runs through

    To do this, you simply right-click on the Run.bat file and click Edit

    Once in the editing screen, you change your previous proxy server host and port to your new one :)
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  2. Brian Mixon

    Brian Mixon New Member

    When I was in high school, they blocked proxy sites as well, so there might still be an issue for some people... Very good tutorial none the less :)
  3. Domenic Parker

    Domenic Parker Active Member

    I put a lot of thought into making it simple. I have searched through the forums and never found something explaining connection through proxy, so I figured I would make one easy and simple to understand
  4. Timeei

    Timeei New Member

    Don't forget to name the downloaded jar file to "FTB_launcher.jar" just take away the "launcher^". Didn't work with the "launcher^" with me^^
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