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Open Server Rules259 FTB Unleashed currently open

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by HT1, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. HT1

    HT1 New Member

    259 - Have used Village Defenders but as I am still developing this server I have call it project 259 for now
    FTB Unleashed - I have gone from MC to BukkitCraft to Realms and found FTB Unleashed easy but awesome :)
    currently open - I would rather have a dozen people use this site, I am willing to help those that do not grief and suggest that to comply with Humantank1 in game is best - there is a point system for playing online and counts up as well as for killing mobs - if someone plays regular HT1 will give bonus items etc
    The server IP
    The FTB Pack is Unleashed, I have allowed the Vending pack as I am testing it but not sure if I will keep it in game.
    There is no whitelist yet although I may later if I get enough hard core players (a dozen would be enough)
    Any info for whitelist applications
    Any disabled items/mods
    The pack by default should work fine, Vending is in trial at the moment.
    UPDATE - Vending has been removed for now...
    The map was a random seed but I may later regen the world with a map or reset it - I will keep score of players points and every player will be given a bonus in any reset or new map - compensation and recognition for game play - I have used this in other projects and helps keep the game interesting with new things to build and explore and keeps the player keep the level they have worked hard for...
    I review this site regular and will be creating a FTB Video Blog (youtube-videos) as I progress is testing out certain parts of the game, I have made available a portal to certain areas of the map for mining or exploring a wild piece of the world as well as a portal to the Twilight Forest Zone - will be exploring that myself over time - the points is command based so is updated as players spend time in game and for every mob kill - in a way it is our rank and currency system so I record every week in case I need to reset or start a new map - currently this map should last months if not years whilst we explore every way to use the features. We are currently looking at oil and fuel and maybe a rail network - the two main players are pop and lush and have their own areas - 1 is quite fortified....
    There is a bit of base-raiding going on but no heavy destruction although I am thinking of setting up a mob arena but with all the mobs heavy in some areas there is plenty of opportunity for players to bump up their points.
    I welcome anyone who wants to begin who wants to experiment with stuff, maybe have an area and generally knock up the points and become a Game-legend themselves - I will be taking pictures and videos so will update as the server progresses and builds up.
    Warning - there are some no go areas with golem and sentry protection - apart from no griefing I am sure if one uses a bit of common sense there will be no problems.
    I think that about covers it really...
    I have covered the rules and believe I have complied with guidelines, I will answer any questions or offer advice but I think I have covered the game basics here...
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    Update - With the added room to the main spawn area a player can use the command blocks to TP to the wild area to locate some land for themselves, and or go mining in the public mine area - Pop and Lush are swapping resources. Thanks to players who have joined and are playing, looking for ways to make the game more fun, humantank1 has added extra protection to some areas but most of the wild area is free to settle. In fact one can settle and claim land by marking it up with a hut and border of stone and lights.
    Solar power, etc, is given to land claimants for playing long term for adding to the game.
    One gets points for killing mobs and time online, later will add more ways to gain points but for now working on a couple of structures to add to the game...
    A picture or 2 to show some of our developements using our FTB Unleashed server IP
    Currently an open server for Jan-Feb after which may use a different map or change the game but any player on the points scoreboard will keep their score plus a bonus and new starter kit they can request from Humantank1 who controls the game play, etc...
  3. HT1

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    nightraiders.jpg raidready.jpg raidsiegearena.jpg Added Raid Siege Arena - with chests of stuff and if successful entry whilst breaking into the Siege Building to loot it blind :)
    FTB Unleashed...
    Dare you take a shot ?

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