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Rotate Chisel Blocks

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by ScottulusMaximus, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Anyone know how to rotate a Chisel Block?

    Specifically I want to rotate the Technical Block with Fast moving Fan so the spinning side is at the top.

  2. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    It may not be possible, you may need to contact the current maintainers of Chisel to add it, whoever they are.
    Or have you seen this done elsewhere or something? Because I don't think it's possible.
  3. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    You could try and use the Rotatable Blocks mod
    other than that I believe it's impossible
  4. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    That's a lot of mission for something purely aesthetic... No, I just wanna use them as extraction fans on my walkways in my current build.

    Will do some research and try give that a go.

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