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    1. So, its been described as World of Tanks meets Minecraft, and I really must agree.
      The idea is, you build your tank, cruiser, hover, plane, rocket, walker, whatever floats your boat, and then pit it alongside a team of other vehicles against the enemy team in a big online multiplayer showdown, and see whichever team can either capture your base, or kill all of the other team.

      I myself am currently in T4, making moolah for a T5 bot. I'm using a tank with three treads, and four T5 plasma cannons.

      Any other players out there?
  2. lenscas

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    Used to play it but it got changed too lot in a way that I disliked thus I stopped playing. It also didn't help that the last time I tried to play it it would just crash before I even got to any kind of menu.
  3. Drbretto

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    I used to be big into this game before I even discovered Minecraft. Like 5000+ hours into it. It was really something special.

    I was also there when they decided to ruin it. And I did everything I could to fight it, but it's beyond repair. It's still a neat game and people should check it out, but it used to be something really unique. If you build your bot intelligently, you could really give yourself a real advantage. Once they decided to make it more world of tanks than minecraft, they completely ruined what made it so unique. I watched those devs constantly completely redesign their whole vision like 15 different times. It was in Alpha for like 5 years because of it.

    It's neat. It can be fun for a bit, but it's hard to play it now knowing how much was lost when they dumbed it down.
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    Same here. I spend thousands of hours of my life playing Minecraft servers.

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