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Whitelist Server Rivendale Server : HORIZONS 2.1.1 : Whitelist : 8 Spots [18+]

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by Achilles833, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Achilles833

    Achilles833 New Member

    added, welcome to the server!
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  2. KijiMuna

    KijiMuna New Member

    IGN: KijiMuna
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    In game talent: I tend to remain organized, and I plan most constructions ahead if I can help it. I may overestimate the supplies I have though.
    Personality (5 words?): Focused, but derailed easily. Cautious.
    MISC: The last server I participated in was all tech, Magic is more fun though. Hope there's still room!
  3. Achilles833

    Achilles833 New Member

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  4. halo eduards

    halo eduards New Member

    Whats with the server its down?
  5. Achilles833

    Achilles833 New Member

    Its still up . . .
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  6. SoliceEclipse

    SoliceEclipse New Member

    IGN: SoliceEclipse
    Gender: It's more fun if I make you guess.
    Age: 18
    In game talents?: Derping, finding shiny things, accidentally breaking and/or dieing with shiny things, replacing shiny things that have been broken or lost, occasionally actually accomplishing something useful
    Personality (1-5 words): Herp de derp awesome sauce
    MISC: I'm hopeless on own...
  7. Achilles833

    Achilles833 New Member

    Such an interesting post lol . . . whitelisted!
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  8. woodhoda

    woodhoda New Member

    In game talents?:I can build decent cottages and comfortable ones to boot in creative, I can also dig VERY big holes before I find ONE diamond, and I'm a pro at Ars Magica 2
    Personality (1-5 words):Intelligent, Kind, helpful, strangely stubborn
    MISC:It's funny, people can always find diamonds, but I seem to never be able to find more then 3.
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  9. LooptimeIsAble

    LooptimeIsAble New Member

    In game talents?: Magic, Tech, and the organization of items.
    Personality (1-5 words): Usually an happy outgoing person.
    Misc: I don't like being alone on a server and i like to have at least someone on even if they wont talk to me.
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  10. avery2010

    avery2010 New Member

    IGN: funkeytown2055
    In game talents?: tech and bees
    Personality (1-5 words): cool and outgoing also very helpful at times to helpful iv herd
    Misc: yes but i have not used it lately on the last server i did alot
  11. Snaes

    Snaes New Member

    Truly amazing server, having quite a time.
  12. login123

    login123 New Member

    Is there still any slots left? and where is the server located?
  13. matthewicedragon

    matthewicedragon New Member

    (If there is still a spot)
    IGN: MatthewIceDragon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    In game talents?: Tech/Automation
    Personality (1-5 words): Chill/shy
    MISC: I have been apart of too many servers that go dead and everyone leaves. I hope this isn't one of them.
  14. Identif3r

    Identif3r New Member

    IGN: Citronas and mister1590
    Gender:Male and Female ;d
    In game talents?:Making ugly stuff look nice ;d
    Personality (1-5 words):Friendly,calm,generous ;D
  15. Jaxx050

    Jaxx050 New Member

    does this server still exist, even
  16. Achilles833

    Achilles833 New Member

    We're playing Modsauce now, same IP.
  17. CyberFox

    CyberFox New Member

    IGN: il0v3tweakS
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17 (almost 18)
    In game talents?: Not much. I'm good at building bases.
    Personality (1-5 words): I'm a good friend nad I like to help other people.
    MISC: nothing special
  18. Solomonzz

    Solomonzz New Member

    In game talents?:tech mage
    Personality (1-5 words):just haveing fun
    MISC:looking for a place to test out my magic powers and have fun

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