Open RF Tools builder block crashing game



Summary of the problem RF Tools builder block crashing game

Pack Version

What is the bug? I try to move some blocks with RFTools builder block, I have it in move mode, turn it on, it moves a couple of blocks and then the game crashes.
I'm trying to move some items from actually additions, enderio, super circuit maker.

Side note, the version of FTB Beyond displaying in the launcher is 1.11.0 which is not shown in the dropdown menu in this form.

Mod & Version rftools 1.1x-6.13.jar
actually additions-1.10.2-r105.jar

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? yes
set up rf tools builder to move blocks from actually additions, enderio, supercircuit maker, turn on builder, game crashes every time.

Known Fix


try to look up if there is a newer version from the mod, or change it with an older version. I had a problem with extra utilities and it fixed mine problem.