Windows .exe [RESOLVED] LoadLibrary failed with error 998.

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Jul 29, 2019
Fixed. I had forgot that I had a windows memory diagnostics test planned for the next startup - it seems that had cause some form of clash.

Hello all.

Today I received an unusual error;
After starting up the FTB Launcher and choose a modpack - FML begins to start up and I receive the following popup in the dead center of my FTB window.
( LoadLibrary failed with error 998: Invalid access to memory location.)
Pressing the ok button quits the program and returns to the launcher (due to the enabled setting)
I've attempted with multiple modpacks (I've downloaded fresh ones to attempt) and found the issue persist. I attempted with regular minecraft and the same symptom.
I believe this may not be as much FTB orientated but Java.

I've already attempted to following;
Updating Java
Uninstalling and Reinstalling Java
Updating GPU drivers.

I've also provided the following;
Console Log

Anyone know of a fix or able to help me troubleshoot?

Thanks, Roze.
Not open for further replies.