Resetting Player Deaths in FoolCraft3 (FTB Utilities)

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Hello all, Fumferknuckle here.
I am attempting to reset the player deaths and deaths per hour for my nephew and I on our new FoolCraft3 server I just started.
We both have 5-10 deaths each from some server issues (major latency causing numerous mistaken deaths) and I have been trying to figure out how to reset the death count for both of us so we have a clean slate to play with.

I have finally figured out the mod that tracks the deaths is FTB Utilities and more specifically FriendGUI. However, even after hours of digging through every forum thread and post I can find even remotely related has not lead me to victory. I read that going in the FC3 folder and navigating to PlayerData would allow me to change any values I wish but unfortunately for me those files are .Dat files, meaning I haven't been able to successfully open the files and look at them, even with a Hex Editor, using Wordpad, Notepad, and more.

I am simply trying to reset any deaths being counted so we can both enjoy a fresh start now that we have resolved the stuttering and latency lag issue. Any help getting that done would be immensely appreciated!
I will even reset the default death counter built into Minecraft once I can figure out how to reset the deaths on the modpack, instructions on how to do both in an easy to read post would be super awesome and helpful. I have been playing Minecraft ever since it went into Beta many moons ago so I am pretty familiar with tinkering about in %appdata% folders and such, just haven't been able to find any good information on what I am looking to do. Thanks again for any help.


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Oct 14, 2013
FTBUtils just uses the minecraft counter for most of those I believe. So just go to the world 'saves' folder and in the 'stats' subfolder you should find an easily editable json file for each player. These are the ones that have the odd statistics for things like 'how far you have flown underwater while eating a carrot' and such. Searching for 'death' should get you what you want.