Open Request for HermitPack Bug Confirmation


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I'm getting infinite wool by just holding right-click with shears on a sheep. It doesn't even seem to cost extra shears durability. I wondered if maybe it was client-side, but the excess wool persists through shutdown.

I haven't found anyone else report it, and I'm running a nonstandard set of circumstances in the 1.2.1 (SSP, Arch Linux on 4.8.4 kernel, OpenJDK8 112, and MultiMC) Hermitpack, so maybe my bug is unique to something I'm doing, thus, this thread.

The bug also exists for me in the recommended 1.1.0 pack (which prompted my update to 1.2.1 to try to resolve).

I humbly request someone reproduce the bug in another environment, like Windows, FTB Launcher, recent Oracle Java.


I get the same bug. I'm on Windows 10, using Oracle's JVM (Java 8 update 111) and running Hermitpack through MultiMC. I also get infinte milk by right-clicking cows.