Remote access software for your server. (PHP, full console access)


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Jul 29, 2019
Hey all, I wanted to share the server software I made for my own server, if you run your own server it is a great piece of software that allows you to manage your server from where-ever you are, even using just the browser on your phone. No extra software required.


Installation guide:

First off, you need an apache server with php set up. WAMP server is an easy and friendly installation tool to set one up. Though if you are experienced with setting up apache I'd recommend setting one up manually.

  • 1) Unzip the file to any location and copy the files from your server into the 'yourserverdir' folder.
    You can rename the folder, as long as the new folder name matches the serverdir variable in www\inc\include.php (more info below)
  • 2) Set your apache root directory to the www folder.
  • 3) Open www\inc\include.php and change the variables inside to match your server.
  • 4. Change the serverscriptstart.bat to match your servers needs (Xmx, jar file name)
    Most of what this batch file does is clean out your main server.log file on restarts and copy old ones into the logs folder, as well as launching the server in a titled window. Which the ahk script can access without having to activate it physically like it would with a standard CMD console instance.
  • 5) (Optional) Open www\serverlog.php to adjust line exclusions and console formatting if you so desire.
  • 6) Start up the script.ahk with autohotkey program (or ahk2exe compile it and run the executable) and the serverstartscript.bat to start the server.

What does it all do?

First of all it allows for people on the website and the people in the game to communicate with each other. This is super handy if people for example have trouble getting on, or just want to check to see who is online, etc. As well as being able to see what has happened before they are joining the server.

Secondly, it allows you to have full access to your server console through the website. Any command the console accepts, you can give it. However, it does change the 'stop' command to add in a little countdown timer. I think this is particularly neat to let people know the server is restarting and not just crashing or something.


The entire scripting process is completely server side and the public console makes sure it can not send contaminated code (the sent line from the public console always starts with "say " through the script itself and the autohotkey script reads the commands raw and in a closed string, ignoring any potential AHK commands, making it impossible to inject code into the submit fields).

The admin area is username and password protected, both case sensitive and fairly impossible to brute force (since they dont know either, its exponentially more effective than trying to bruteforce a password to a username you know). Still if you wish, you can rename the admin.php and serveradmin.php files and exclude the link to them from the other pages if you want to super secure it.

So basicly, the only weak point is the username and password which you yourself have most influence on.

Known issue:

Currently, the 'special' stop timer function will only be called if you literally type in only "stop" in the command. Typing "Stop", "/stop" or "/Stop" for example will outright just stop the server immidiatly. This is not a major issue though, since the batch automatically restarts when the java window closes.


This is the last version I am making public. I'll keep working on mine to make it exactly how I personally want it, but right now this download is basic and simple and this way easy to customize to your needs. Change whatever you want to your hearts content.
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id really like to see whats up with this console and see if i can improve it, but the google drive link is broken.

please fix :D


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Feb 2, 2013
Considering the first post is almost 2.5 years old and the OP was last seen 2 years ago, I'm not surprised the link is not working.


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Jul 29, 2019

The dl link in my youtube vid is still active.

Anyhow, since I specifically made it very lightweight and simple, it's very easy to alter and customize as you see fit.