Open Refined Storage sort issues (at least, I think it is...)


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Jul 29, 2019
Summary of the problem Refined Storage sort issues (at least, I think it is...)

Pack Version 3.0.15

What is the bug? I have (say) 20 quantum storage units - all with ingots - and priority 20. I have a disk drive (8 disks) - priority 5; and yet ingots are going into the disks - not into the quantum storage units like they should. Currently, one of my disks has 16000 items; I load it into the disk manipulator (the thing that empties the drives) and suddenly there is 14000 items on the next disk... When I go offline at night - when I sign into the server in the morning, there's 22000 items. I use the disk manipulator again, and the disk goes back to 14000 items..

Mod & Version Using default version from Sky Factory 3.0.15's

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes

Known Fix None - just have to keep emptying the disk every 8-10 hours to make sure it sorts properly...