Open Refined Storage Crash, while in Crafting Grid



Summary of the problem Refined Storage Crash, while in Crafting Grid

Pack Version 3.0.6

What is the bug? I am using 3.0.7 version of the Pack.

I have been using Refined storage without problem with both 3.06 and 3.07. I was in the Crafting Grid, putting items away and I saw some flickers and then a crash. I repeated the process after restarting and it just accessing the same Crafting Grid. My system is not full, I am using Drawers with an external storage. I have accessed the grid multiple times.

Mod & Version StackTrace says Refined Storage, 1.2.22

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? It has happened twice now. Same steps. I just access the grid, what 3 seconds and crash. I can do other things in the world and it will not crash. The system is being used for imports and exports using ender chests.

Known Fix