Recurrent complex resources/structures for map makers and modpack authors.

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  1. Hey, I was previously creating a 1.7.10 modpack called imperial vestige with an emphasis on exploration and building. unfortunately due to lack of expertise and time I am unable to complete the pack as a viable project.
    however I am left with over 30 custom built structures I built for recurrent complex that I would really like to see used. The structure's are a mix of medieval, steampunk, and industrial style and come complete with loot and occasionally challenges.
    the primary mods used for the structural elements are: forestry, thaumcraft, carpenter's blocks, chisel, immersive engineering, decocraft, pam's harvestcraft and better storage. I used a lot of other common mods for decoration and loot but the list is too big, feel free to inbox me :).
    so please do download and utilise or explore the structures however you wish. I worked really hard on these builds and I am quite proud of how they turned out. as I said your free to use them in any project you wish as long as I'm informed. also if you like my builds and want me to create more structures or utilise me in anyway please do drop me a message.
    tldr: I have custom structures for a modpack- check em out!
    imgur album:
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    Hey, just want to drop by and give you a heads-up for the new ReC repository I have recently finished creating:

    If you want to have people find your builds you might want to upload them there :)
  3. Thank you! that's a great resource, i'll try and scrounge up my files :D

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