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  1. Tigerlore

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    Summary of the problem Recipe conflict

    Pack Version 1.2.0

    What is the bug? Both "Actually Additions" and "Quark" have recipes for charcoal blocks. The Quark version can be lit on fire like netherrack. Personally, I think it's brilliant, and I'm sure if the Hermitcraft guys saw it they would love it.

    Mod & Version N/A

    Link to log file N/A

    Is it repeatable? Of course. Make a charcoal block.

    Known Fix The mod "No More Recipe Conflicts" would make this option available. That would also fix another bug I see reported here.

    Or, the config for "Actually Additions" has an option to disable the charcoal block which would allow the crafting of the "Quark" version.

    This is what I've done, but I don't know "Actually Additions" well enough to know whether anything depends on their version of the block or not.
  2. Arminius

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    Piggybacking off of this: In 1.4 there is a conflict between the TechReborn tiny pile of glowstone dust and the Super Circuit Maker tiny glowstone dust. It's impossible to craft tiny glowstone dust from Super Circuit Maker that way.

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