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Question about the floating crystals in Revelations.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Furious1964, May 20, 2018.

  1. Furious1964

    Furious1964 Well-Known Member

    Is there anything that can move/relocate the crystal found in the temples and shrines of Astral Sorcery?
  2. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    No, but you also won't need to, because once you create the wand and the first tier altar, you can work your way up without any other need for the floating crystal.

    Also, after around Tier 3ish, you'll be able to make them and place them yourself where you want them.
  3. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Nuclear_Creeper0 Well-Known Member

    Anything you say? Mekanism cardboard boxes could probably do it
  4. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    I think it will move them, but it messes with them so they no longer function as intended (read, dead crystal, looks nice but won't work)
  5. AirOnSkin

    AirOnSkin New Member

    Have you tried the RFTools builder with a Clearing Quarry card? Not sure if it works, but that thing can do a lot of things and I wouldn't be surprised if it could remove the crystals...
  6. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    He doesn't want to *remove* it, he wants to *MOVE* it, to another location, and have it function in that other location. Removing the crystal is easy, break it with a pickaxe.
  7. AirOnSkin

    AirOnSkin New Member

    Oh, I see. My bad. Well, in any case, he could try to move it with the builder as well (space chambers and such) ;)

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