Quayzar’s Quest

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  1. Starting up the Sky Factory 3 adventure.

  2. Quayzar’s Quest Episode 2

  3. Quayzar’s Quest Episode 3

  4. Quayzar's Quest Episode 4 - Building a Smeltery during a Thunderstorm...

  5. Why does it always seem to rain on me. Geesh! Been awhile since I could do any content. Getting some time editing videos and such with this one. Episode 5 builds a new platform, a garden and a farm for some animals to populate. Enjoy!

  6. Totally goofed. Went through an entire episode and forgot to hit the "RECORD" button. But here we have an update to my build.

  7. Episode 7... I dabble with the beginnings of Botania and show you my platforms.

  8. Episode 8... I finally get the Ring of Magnetism from Botania. Drop any comments and suggestions. Thanks for watching.
  9. Episode 9 is now live! Finally building the Mob Farm to get some loots!

  10. Upgraded Lava production and some base clean up. Episode 10!

  11. Episode 11 of my Sky Adventures!
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  12. Episode 12 of my Sky Factory 3 Adventure...

  13. Episode 13, Finally a little progress!

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