Open Psi Loopcast infinite casts


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Jul 29, 2019
Summary of the problem Psi Loopcast infinite casts

Pack Version

What is the bug? After dying by overflowing with Psi energy via casting an expensive spell with a loopcast bulllet, the spell continues to be cast repeatedly while on the 'You died' screen.

Mod & Version Psi 1.0-42

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Every spell I've tested it with so far has worked. Simplest to test with is Trick Smite using entity position of the caster. Here it is for your convenience:

{spellName:"infinite w/ loopcast",uuidMost:-6802859218451610772L,validSpell:1b,spellList:[0:{data:{params:{_position:2},key:"trickSmite"},x:0,y:0},1:{data:{params:{_target:4},key:"operatorEntityPosition"},x:0,y:1},2:{data:{key:"selectorCaster"},x:1,y:1}],uuidLeast:-9130135768252387198L}

Known Fix