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Discussion in 'Modpack Bugs' started by Troord, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Troord

    Troord New Member

    So im having some hard time with projectE and maybe someone knows the solution, i've been teaching stuff to my transmutation tablet, but now i was looking for some stuff and they simply disappeared, i don't know what is happening but they aren't "teached" anymore and i need to make the tablet learn them again, does anyone know what is causing this?
  2. dirtyriver

    dirtyriver New Member

    The tablet may just have a lot more stuff then it can display at one time. Put An item of near equal emc in the right side of the tablet. It should display items of similar value.
  3. Troord

    Troord New Member

    That would happen in previous versions, not this one, the Tablet as a Search Bar, i can search for items, and there are items that yesterday im pretty sure that was on the tablet because i got a tons of stacks from it like Ender Pearls, and today it wasn't teached in the tablet... same for stone and gold for example and a lot more items too.
  4. cannajan

    cannajan New Member

    If you dont have enough emc to make it, it wont display the item, do you have plenty emc in the tablet?
  5. Troord

    Troord New Member

    I can take out Red Matter so i should be able to take stone or glowstone or other stuff, is not that, the problem was the items are un-learned from the table. But thanks :D
  6. KoncreteLiquids

    KoncreteLiquids New Member

    Happened to me in several times, It's gotten to the point that I make an extra storage system and start putting 1 of every item in it so I can recover any items that were complex or anything... There has been an open issue with this at the projecte github for over a year now
  7. Troord

    Troord New Member

    I guess its not easy xD, well anyway, i started my Infinity Evolved Skyblock already, so im done with Project Ozone for the now, but when i go back to it I'll do that and keep 1 of each :D

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