Open Project Red Transport Pipes Not working after disconnect



Summary of the problem Project Red Transport Pipes Not working after disconnect

Pack Version FTB Beyond 1.11.0

What is the bug? I have Project Red Transport Pipes setup the following way:

Project Red Barrel with Snowballs --> Routed Interface Pipe (Item Broadcaster Chip) --> ca 44 Blocks of Transport Pipes --> Routed Interface Pipe (Item Stock keeper CHIP [Hold 8x16 Snowbald], Item Overflow Responder Chip) --> Item Buffer (Ender IO) --> Frosty Generator.

The setup works fine and all the chunks are chunk loaded (FTB Inventory Map thingy), but when i go RECONNECT it stops working.

The world is Hosted on my own Server 24/7 Online.

Mod & Version Project Red

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? YES

Known Fix workaround: Break and Replace one Pipe near the end. (RESET)