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Project Ozone 3, passive mobs not spawning

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by BaconsTV, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. BaconsTV

    BaconsTV Guest

    I have had passive mobs spawn. Captured a few too from the fluid cows which are in the AE system now.
    However my pad of grass that is 128ish radius, all light up which is also where I capped the other passives from, is no longer spawning any passives.

    Also the mob farm which I have used a drop of evil, does not spawn mobs if I am 6 chunks diagonally away from, which it used to also o_O

    What should I check?
  2. Jogge84

    Jogge84 Guest

  3. Reddis

    Reddis New Member

    Change your biome.
  4. BaconsTV

    BaconsTV Guest

    Hey I think it was due to turning this off Force threaded chunk rendering. After turning it back on they started to spawn again. I was under the spawn cap and @Reddis, to change a biome when I already had spawns :/. Anyway thank you both, it seems ok now
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