Project Ozone 3 A new way forward, Skyblock Let's play, hopefully community driven Let's play

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    I have played Project Ozone 2 on Kappa mode and had a blast, built big, tones of machines yet I was never content. I really wanted to share my builds and fun with people, yet the PC at the time could not handle the game and recording at the same time, so I could never truly share my fun and just be a distraction for some people.
    I would really love to create a skyblock community driven let's play. Where you get to tell me which mods to focus on, how you would like EX: our first power to be generated, what blocks to use in certain builds, and any links to scifiish concept art in terms of buildings we can use and use for what.

    Currently two things I know for sure, building nice looking structures with their own uses. I would also like a big centre piece with villagers doing their thing, and separate housing for them etc.. And see what we can do to have a laugh with them. This is something I have not done yet in a modded play through is using villagers and mixing them into the build.

    I need movement in my builds which I do find hard, but even the smallest thing like a pipe with items flying though helps to brake the whole static builds and machines sitting there turning on and off :)

    I guess the part one of a LP is not something to judge by as we are sitting on a small platform, yet I hope some of you may give me the chance and some of you to help out with the suggestions.

    If anything I just want to help some peeps to kill some time :)

    Project Ozone 3. We are just getting started EP1
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    Minecraft Project Ozone 3 Let's Play Magmatic dynamos, Fully automating auto sieve, Basic storage P3

    In today's upload of Minecraft Project Ozone 3 A new way forward Let's Play. We Auto fuel our Iron furnace with lava buckets, create our power generation, Fully Automate our sieve and set up a bit of item sorting and storage. Hope you enjoy.
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    Minecraft project ozone 3 Landia, Most resources fully automated with Stoneworks factory & more P4

    In today's upload of Minecraft Project Ozone 3 A new way forward Let's Play. We automate our resource generation by adding 3 stoneworks factories and the ability to choose what gets sieved. We also automate a ton of other stuff. Epic Progress!!
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    Minecraft Project Ozone 3 Easy 1000 RF per tick in one block, mekanism and applied energistics P5

    In today's upload of Minecraft Project Ozone 3 A new way forward Let's Play. We make a 1000 RF per tick power supply, just need to add automation and we hit up some early Mekanism machines to help us down the Applied Energistics rabbit hole. Epic Progress!!
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    Minecraft Project Ozone 3 RF tools Control Fully Automating 1K RF/t Thorium generator Land craft P6

    In today's Minecraft Project Ozone 3, we fully automate our 1000 RF per tick with RF tools control and start our centre pad
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    Minecraft Project Ozone 3 Drones Automate Agricraft 10/10/10, places crop sticks Pneumatic craft P7

    In this upload we dive head first into Pneumaticcraft, which I save you all from watching me build the machines and get to the point, Drones! We use a single drone to layout the crop sticks, pick a seed up from a collection of seeds of 0/0/0, place the seed, wait until it grows on the other end, take a clipping and store it for us and then remove all the previous plants and sticks so it starts over again if we have more seeds waiting to be leveled :D. We also finish up our first pad which will be our little sci fi village for villagers"test subjects"
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    Minecraft Project Ozone 3 Our First Building with RF Tools Builder Shape Composition P8
    Welcome back to Minecraft Project Ozone 3, today we start to build up our area cant really call it a base as a base would be too small LOL!. We use RF Tools Builder with a shape composition and create our first building which we will use for Agricraft.

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