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[Project Ozone 2] Fast Item Transfer

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by GoldBlockIngot, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. GoldBlockIngot

    GoldBlockIngot New Member

    I'm in the process of building a large scale factory making Avaritia Singularities and the input rate for the pipes I've used are being annoying:

    Ender IO Item Conduits: Reliable, redstone compatible, but just not fast enough.

    Mekanism Logistical Transporters: Awesomely fast, but they can't take redstone, so my level emitter shutoff system isn't gonna work, they're just gonna keep being made, using power and resources. The only redstone compatible one is the Diversion Transporter, clocking in at a completely useless 1 item per second.

    Import/Export Buses, I'm storing everyhting in AE, so it should work. Except for the fact that I barely have enough channels to run one compressor setup, let alone the 12+ I need for the other singularities. Even though I'm only using 1 import bus and one level emitter per compressor. Seriously, who thought channels were a good idea?

    Anything else is completely unknown to me, so feel free to enlighten me.
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  2. GoldBlockIngot

    GoldBlockIngot New Member

    This is my current setup. The AE cables are probably terribly arranged, but I don't understand it at all, so gimme a break lol. The whole thing is going to be extended by a lot more compressors later on.
  3. GoldBlockIngot

    GoldBlockIngot New Member

    A few things to note: ]

    The level emitter I'm hovered over is the only device missing a channel according to it.

    I've tried a cable rearrangement and nothing happened. Tried dense cables, but either I'm not using them right or they're not working the way I want.

    Yes, the 64 auto casters are making bedrockium blocks and the reactor is 16x16x16. I'm aware it's overkill to the nth degree and I love it.

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