Open Problems with Mekanism and TConstruct

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Summary of the problem Problems with Mekanism and TConstruct

Pack Version 1.3.3

What is the bug? Many people were talking about breaking the Mekanism cable and I have this bug too. But apart from that I've experienced game-breaking crashes when crafting an armored jetpack and a robit, both from Mekanism. After the initial crash, every single log-in attempt results in a crash within seconds. I did some tests and it seems that it happens when shift-clicking the Mekanism items into the Tinkers Crafting Station. It does not happen with something like an enriched alloy but it does with a personal chest.

Mod & Version Mekanism-1.10.2-

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? 1. Open Tinkers Crafting Station
2. Shift-click one of items or a recipe
3. Crash

Known Fix Don't craft with Tinker's