[Pro Tips][Thaumcraft] Easier way to get eldritch epiphany and revelation



For those who Play the Thaumcraft mod for Minecraft, an easier way to earn eldritch epiphany and revelations:

First, Unlock at least flesh golems. Advanced golems are taboo research, which will contribute to unlocking eldritch, but you don't have to get that for this.

Second, repeatedly make flesh golems in a crucible. This gains ordinary warp, which means it can be removed with sanitizing soap, etc, so if you ever want to get rid of it, it will be easier than the extremely hard ways to get rid of permanent warp, such as using sanitizing soap for ten hours. If the unlock does not happen immediately, it's not supposed to; you'll need a lot of zombie flesh. I recommend a mod grinder to collect rotten flesh. When I unlocked revelation, it took about 20 flesh golems. While this is hard, it's easy for those who dislike having to do countless researches to find all of the forbidden knowledge scattered throughout the thaumonomicon.

Third: Once you get eldritch epiphany, research everything there.

Then repeat with the flesh golems, but this time you can make a sanity checker to see how close you are to getting eldritch revelation. Again, this is optional.

This may not seem easy, but it's easier than getting countless researches and finding all of the forbidden ones.

Note: I may be wrong or SkyFactory2.5 may be bugged, but temporary warp does not seem to contribute to revelation, as i had a full bar of warp and it never unlocked. However, ordinary warp does, which this method takes advantage of. Again, since ordinary warp lingers until it's removed with sanitizing soap or other methods, it's better than getting permanent warp from research. However, removing the warp may or may not cause the eldritch tab to become locked again. I'm not sure.