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    Greetings, hope you're all having a fantastic day!
    After being a (mostly) lurker member of this community for some time, I decided to let you guys know about a project of mine, can't play minecraft all day, right? :p

    So, after a bunch of long days of hard work, my band just saw the single of our first cd released.

    We are Wildfire, a 3 years old (roughly) post-rock band from Portugal.
    Two guitarists, one bassist, one drummer and an awesome singer to blend it all together. We really enjoy the final product, and I came here to share it with all of you, hoping you'd like it as well.

    I'll just leave our facebook page below and also the youtube link to the above mentioned single named Sahara Tides!

    Thank you all for your time, enjoy :)

    Sahara Tides:

    Wildfire's facebook:
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    Just bumping this to let everyone know that the cd was released yesterday! :D

    I'll just drop the Spotify link right here (

    In case you like our music, it is available at most online stores like amazon, google play, itunes, shazam, you know the drill. Just make a quick search for "Sahara Tides" over there and it should be right in your face :p

    Anyway, if you got a bit of spare time, just go to that link up there and let me know what you think!

    A huge thank you,

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