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Precise item transportation

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Boldar, May 7, 2016.

  1. Boldar

    Boldar Guest

    i hope this is the right forum for this question, so:
    I am running a Server based on FTB Infinity with a few mods removed (Forestry for example) and some added (Reikas Mods - Chromaticraft, Electricraft etc.).
    Now while playing with Botania i have the problem that i want to supply a large field of Endoflames with a set amount of items per second.
    I calculated roughly one item per 1.6 seconds. Now i figure i could use multiple buildcraft autarchic gates set to single item pulse connected to a timer (1.6~ 5/3, meaning 5 items every 3 seconds, so 5 gates pulsed by a 3 second timer).
    But i am wondering if there is a more compact, elegant solution for this which is easily adaptable for other rates.
    Any ideas?
    thanks for your replys,
  2. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Translocators can supply a specific amount of items. And they can be redstone controlled. Connect them from a feed chest to an open crate. On redstone pulse they'll move the amount of items you've specified, and the open crate will drop them straight down.

    So every three seconds, they dump five items from the chest to the open crate.
  3. Someone Else 37

    Someone Else 37 Forum Addict

    A typical solution to the endoflame automation problem is to place a pressure plate underneath your open crate, and use it to turn off the hopper (or whatever) feeding the crate when there are items on it. When the endoflames consume all the items on the plate, it'll drop a few more. Usually, you'll want to drop several items at a time this way, so people usually put some repeaters or a state cell between the plate and the hopper to act as a delay.

    An even better solution would be to use an iron or gold pressure plate to only dispense items when there are less than, say, five sitting on the plate. This way, there's always fuel present, so the flowers never need to wait through any kind of delay at all when they finish burning their current item. However, there's some mod that may or may not be present in your pack (I never tracked down exactly which mod does this) that breaks the iron and gold pressure plates' ability to measure the number of items on them, so your mileage may vary.
  4. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    I prefer using the Carpenter's Pressure Plates(you need to change their mode to any entity), since I can apply wool and then they will be silent(or nearly).
    Then just run some wire up to the hopper and done.

    If you a very large field of flowers and one of them cannot keep up, then you can use coal/charcoal blocks as they last much longer. Just don't use them for small fields as you then risk the blocks vanishing on the pressure plate due to timing out.
  5. Boldar

    Boldar Guest

    Well - i have used the pressure-plate approach in the past, but i need something else because i have a very confined space and want to place an additional endoflame where the plate is, and also i noticed the endoflames do stop working for some reason when they have a redstone signal, so the endoflames adjacend to the plate or wiring dont work most of the time as well.
    Also i dont want to have complex wiring cluttered all over. I am supplying the items with redstring to an open crate, and doing that i can stack the layers directly on top for a very compact build. I am using this to supply serveral hundret agricarnations in my treefarm btw. So the translocator approach seems to be what i wanted.
    And i always had this problem before in other cases. So thanks for all your answers.

    How would i do that? It seems to supply only one item at a time. Also, how do i configure it to respond to a redstone flank?
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  6. Someone Else 37

    Someone Else 37 Forum Addict

    If you click a translocator with redstone dust, it'll respond to redstone and switch whether it inserts or extracts items when the redstone signal turns on or off.
    If you click one with a diamond nugget, the Filter interface becomes a Regulate interface. Put some items in there; it'll only ever put that many items into the attached inventory. Or, if set to extract, it'll only extract items until there are that many in the inventory.
    Glowstone does something as well, but I forget what. Maybe it lets the translocator move whole stacks at a time?
  7. Boldar

    Boldar Guest

    Sooo, after quite some time, i want to show why i asked:
    I built this

    A Botania based Treefarm which puts out insane amounts of wood. The Trees are growing faster than 2 Rannuncarpi can replace them. I built it with just Botania, ProjectRed and Thermal Expansion, although a Pure Botania version would work equally.
    At the top are force relays to redirect beams equipped with Bore-Warp-Potency lenses, so each beam coming from a elven spreader can cover 3 tree spaces, and is then feed back into the system. There is very little mana lost. There are 8 Hopperhocks picking up drops, the inner ones just set to whitelist wood (they cannot pick saplings because they would pick up the saplings from the rannuncarpus.
    Theouter 4 are set to Blacklist charcoal, so they dont pick the charcoal from two layers deeper. They are barely out of range from the rannuncarpus in the middle.

    Inside, top layer: here are the Agricarnations for speeding it up as well as a redstone system which feeds any excess mana to them. in the middle there is a stack of 2 rannuncarpi. They are set to plant saplings on Podzol, so they dont get planted on random dirt.
    The second layer is dedicated to mana production, using this setup four times (one in each cardinal direction):
    The charcoal is supplied from below via an red stringed container linking to the open crate. This is the third layer:
    In the center there is the chest supplying charcoal. I finally resorted to using basic servos set to one item, that extracts one item every 3 seconds, supplying 25 endoflames. They are not working at full capacity, because the Elven spreader is even with a potency lense not sufficient, and i planned to switching to gaia spreaders, but still have not fought the guardian. But the numbers match up.

    Finally, there is a fourth layer with charcoal production. Again i used red stringed containers to avoid cluttering even more pipes. There are 16 Vanilla Furnaces. I have better options of course, but i wanted to keep the farm as close to pure Botania as possible.

    The farm has a total footprint of 31x31x27, with space for 84 saplings.
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