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  1. mDiyo

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    This is a little mod that was created for the Ultra Hard Survival pack. The goal is to fill the gaping hole that is early-game regeneration with a limited item. It's not spammable, but until you get potions it is your only option for healing.
    1.6.X - Prayers 0.1.4
    1.5.X - Prayers 0.1.4

    Some info on the item:
    - The closer to mid-day it is, the more health you regenerate.
    - The item has a hard time limit that is unaffected by sleeping or commands. It is short enough that you can pray at the same time every day.
    - Uses are bound to the player, not the item itself.

    0.1.4 - Recipe uses two paper to avoid conflicts (recipe really changed!)
    Source - 1.5.2/
  2. Wyld

    Wyld New Member

    Awesome Sauce
  3. Symmetryc

    Symmetryc New Member

    Nice, I really like the idea and the graphics of the prayer! Although, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the recipe the same as TE's schematic?
  4. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 New Member

    That's so cool. I love the animation of the scroll unrolling. Are you going to be maintaining this mod, or was it just a fun project?
  5. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    But what can the atheist do!?
    JK Lulz
  6. SuperSplit

    SuperSplit New Member

    You should make a prayer to herobrine. O_O
  7. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 New Member

    What would it do? Hurt you? I don't think that's very useful.
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  8. SuperSplit

    SuperSplit New Member

    Actually you'd be surprised how big the tnt explosion is. Good for destroying EVERYTHING. =_=
  9. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Umm... doesn't keeping your food bar topped off also regenerate you? Granted, it's a little more troublesome in 1.6.x when healing costs hunger, but with Natura around it isn't that hard.
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  10. rye1994

    rye1994 New Member

    You're missing the point, in a UHC game the only way to regen health is with golden apples or potions. UHC -

    Love the graphics on that thing :D And it may be the same recipe as a schematic but in UHC people don't tend to have other mods installed.

    EDIT: Another thing, it doesn't seem too OP at all, it only heals 1 heart by the looks AND it can only be used once a minecraft day, so it's perfect for those "little accidents" such as fall damage.
  11. iconmaster

    iconmaster New Member

    Reminds me of NetHack-style praying commands. Perhaps negative consequences should arise if you attempt to spam it too much?
  12. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp New Member

    Except it's unspammable atm.
  13. NJM1564

    NJM1564 New Member

    If you want to really make it fun you should add a random chance for it to be a prayer to herobrine. The sky turns to blacklist pitch (night time) a storm comes from beyond. And a might legion of mobs processes from the distance. (So many that the only thing you can do is run or hide and pray for day.
  14. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox New Member

    That sounds like the opposite of fun.
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  15. apemanzilla

    apemanzilla New Member

    Or jump clear over them with your MPS.

    I like the idea of the mod, I think it would be very useful for UHC FTB maps/servers.
  16. draeath

    draeath New Member

  17. apemanzilla

    apemanzilla New Member

    An MPS with jump boost and an LV capacitor isn't that expensive...
  18. draeath

    draeath New Member

    Compared to something you make with a piece of lapis and two paper?
  19. apemanzilla

    apemanzilla New Member

    We were talking about running from hoardes of mobs...
  20. draeath

    draeath New Member

    Caused by using an item intended for early game, where you wouldn't have an MPS. If you did, you probably wouldn't be needing to use the item!

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