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Power Upgrade Help

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by thetravis0916, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. thetravis0916

    thetravis0916 New Member

    Is there a way to hook up multiple MFE's to a LV transformer. I want more power but can't upgrade machines right now. And how do you know what can take a higher current wire and what can't?
  2. Omicron

    Omicron New Member

    You can hook up as much as you want to the LV transformer, but it will act as a choke. It can only accept and output so much power per tick. If you want more EU throughput, you should add a second LV transformer.

    And we know what cables to use because we read the Industrialcraft wiki ;)
  3. ItharianEngineering

    ItharianEngineering New Member

    Just attach the MFE to another LV transformer so that it feeds more EU into the system.

    Tin is extreme low voltage at 5 EU/packet with no loss over 40 blocks.
    Copper is LV (32 EU/t) with 1 EU loss after 5 blocks if insulated.
    Gold can take MV (128 EU/t) with about 1EU loss per 2 blocks depending on insulation
    Glass fibre is HV (512 EU/t) and only loses 1 EU every 40 blocks.
    High voltage cable is extreme voltage (2048 EU/t) with about 1 EU loss per block.
  4. thetravis0916

    thetravis0916 New Member

    So if I want to be efficient I should put all my LV machines on one side and attach the LV transformer before I wire those?
  5. tunnen

    tunnen New Member

    Transformer upgrades aren't that expensive. You can use them to allow most of the IC machines to work without needing to worry about the transformers. Most of the machines operate on LV (32 EU/t), if you add 1 transformer upgrade the machine will work on LV or MV (128 EU/t) and if you add a 2nd transformer upgrade it'll work on LV, MV or HV (512 EU/t). Just be sure to install the transformers BEFORE connecting them to the power grid. Also be sure not to remove the transformer upgrades from the machines while they are connected to a MV/HV power grid.
  6. kells117

    kells117 New Member

    If you want to do this you can set the output of the MFE's pointing towards another MFE and so on until you get to the final MFE which needs to have its output facing the cable connected to the transformer or just to the transformer itself

    For the cables its like this

    Tin = 5 EU/t Extreme (very low voltage)

    Copper = 32 EU/t (low voltage) It loses 1 EU for ever 5 blocks if insulated and is good for starting of with

    Gold = 128 EU/t (medium voltage) It loses about 1 EU over 2 blocks and is probably not the best wire to be using unless you have no diamonds for glass fibre

    Glass Fibre = 512 EU/t (high voltage) It loses 1 EU over 40 blocks and I would advise using it as long as you can afford it because it loses very little power and can handle high voltage

    High Voltage = 2048 EU/t (extreme voltage) It loses about 1 EU over 1 block and you would probably want to use it for a nuclear reactor and maybe some other items with extreme outputs

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