Power from MFR: Steam

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I generate my power from steam using mfrs steam boilers and turbines.
2016-07-28_15.13.26.png 2016-07-28_15.13.36.png
The steam boilers are fed Pyrotheum dust produced from a renewable factory. The factory starts with an mfr (9x9) tree farm that is fed oak saplings to produce apples, logs, and more saplings. The apples are crushed (in a crushing factory) into mekanism bio fuel and fed into a bio-reactor to fuel just the planter and harvester.2016-07-28_15.17.02.png 2016-07-28_15.17.00.png
The logs from the tree farm are sent into a Thermal Expansion powered furnace to produce charcoal. The charcoal is sent to a cyclic assembler(TE) to produce torches. The torches are piped into a precision sawmill from mekanism to produce 1 coal and 1 stick per 4 torches. This process converts logs into coal at the cost some power at a ratio of 1:1. The stick is sent back to the cyclic assembler for more torches. The cyclic assembler will never overflow with sticks as the sawmill does not duplicate sticks.(4 torches to 1 stick) There are also 2 unused cyclic assemblers in to pic if you are confused. 2016-07-28_15.22.51.png
[the hopper contains logs and the iron chest contains coal]
The coal from the charcoal converter is pulverized into coal dust in a pulverizer(TE) with a chance of producing excess Sulfur(TE) that can be used to craft Pyrotheum dust but currently I am just storing it because it is not being produced fast enough. The pulverized coal(TE) is sent to a final cyclic assembler to be crafted into pyrotheum dust.
The cyclic assembler is also being fed redstone dust from a witch farm and blaze powder from a blaze farm. The crafting recipe for Pyrotheum dust also requires sulfur which I get from a cobble gen.
Cobblestone is generated using an igneous extruder(TE) that feeds into a pulverizer(TE) to produce sand that is sent into a cyclic assembler and gravel that is sent into a trash can. The cyclic assembler produces sandstone an feeds it into a pulveriser(TE) with secondary output upgrades to produce niter. The excess sand is scrapped and the niter is sent into an Enrichment Chamber from mekanism. The enrichment chamber produces gunpowder from the niter and the gunpowder is sent into an Industrialcraft 2 Extractor to produce sulfur(IC2) that is sent into the last cyclic assembler to produce pyrotheum dust. This system fuels 320 steam boilers(MFR) that produce steam for 768 steam turbines(MFR) to produce a maximum of 122,880 rf/t of self sustained power.2016-07-28_16.00.49.png 2016-07-28_16.01.06.png 2016-07-28_15.18.37.png 2016-07-28_15.18.43.png