Please make a pack that has textures in it

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I have a computer which was purchased within the last ten years and so therefore I would like to play with textures that are more advanced than the default resolution.

There are, amazingly, hundreds of people in this world who create those textures and attempt to deliver them to us all, god bless them, and I hope somehow they benefit.

This java application and I don't know, maybe the twitch launcher, or I dont know, SOME PROBLEM, makes it so that I can not use them.

I don't know what the problem is, but I know that with my modern completely normal windows computer, I should be able to download and install things. and I HAVE downloaded and installed minecraft texture packs many times ever since they were invented a long time ago.

NOW you did something different and some kind of extra I DONT KNOW is required.

I find forum posts that say people have 16g of ram and so they need to modify the launch parameters?!?!?!

That is a failure of software development if you are asking END USERS to change command line parameters to allocate more ram, thats crazy!!

Luckily for you, you developers are amazing heroes who are just giving me this software for free, so I'm like, super angry, but at the same time it's like 'wait this is probably some teenager who I gave nothing to and if i get angry it's just ridiculous for me to be rude, its pathetic, whats wrong with me.' WHATS WRONG IS I WANT to play minecraft like 5 hours ago *cries pathetically*

anyway, please create a version of your software which contains the big texture packs from bdcraft or ANYWHERE besides the default because we all know the default is really crappy. Just put it in the pack please, surely you have though of this.

The most frustrating part is that I can not be angry at you developers because you are donating this to me for free. I can only be angry at the nature of human consciousness. If we humans are ever provided with a certain level of convenience, then that level will almost instantly become the new zero level; anything less than that will be a decrease, an attack!

Thank you.