Please help me build a new PC


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Jul 29, 2019
I'm asking here mostly because the most intensive thing my new computer will do is run modded minecraft.

I'm not really looking for a beefy gaming PC, just a sturdy and ventilated tower PC with enough specs to play modded minecraft with ease.

I've been using laptops for several years, and I want to play back on a tower PC as I'm tired of the overheat problems, as is the Number One issue I have with the laptops I've had.

I can plan enough budget for a good computer but I'm not just gonna throw money to get the best stuff when something more simple can do the job for me. Also I'm sure I can phisically build it as I've mounted and dismounted in the past old tower PCs and my laptops for cleaning, and except putting the microproccessor into the motherboard (as it requires doing stuff with the thermal paste) I've touched every part of a PC in terms of assembling.

The main problem I have is, I have no idea about graphics cards or processors. I hear graphic cards names with their specs all the time yet I don't understand what they mean or what are they better about against each other. Same thing for processors.

I know about RAM and to a degree what the ddr was, and about hard discs types.

On terms of what I'm looking my PC to do, is to be able to run stable most modpacks, I don't really care about getting super HD shadders or a ludicrous amount of FPS. I'm happy with being able to run at normal render distance at 30FPS stable, at least until endgame around my base, where I would have to lower a bit the render distance in order to handle all the machinery, farms, etc.

I would like to know what combination of graphics cards and proccessor should I look for in order to achieve. Also, I'm not 100% sure, but I would go for 16GB of ram over 8, even if most build-up gaming PCs have 8, I know minecraft isn't all about graphics.

the rest of parts of the PC should be an issue, as long as you can corfirm me there's good compatibility in terms of motherboards, to be sure all pieces can work together. Plus I don't need any fancy keyboard/mouse/screen, I have those covered for now.

Thanks in advance.


OK here is a basic setup you might want:

12GB of DDR4 RAM
4X i5-7500 processor
NVIDEA 1050 Graphics Card. 1 or 2 Depending on if you are gonna be playing ONLY Minecraft or other games too
Motherboard: You are gonna have to find one to suit you and if you are gonna want to upgrade this PC in future then get one with more slots than you need. I cant really recommend a motherboard. Try an MSI one.