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  1. Hey everyone... I started playing Minecraft about 8 months ago on a friends server. The game was given to me as a Christmas present. I was, shall I say, not overly excited due to what seemed to me, a very simplistic, graphically challenged game. Boy was I wrong! After tinkering around in the game and broadening my MC experience with Direwolf20 and YouTube videos, I have grown surprisingly addicted.

    I am now following along the Direwolf20 Season 7 Let's Play Series.

    My other gaming habits include...PC / Star Wars Galaxies (MMORPG that went away in December 2011, now on a public server) PS4 / Need for Speed, The Crew and No Man's Sky.
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  3. Correction... now playing Season 8 of DW's LP series.
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    heya there, well met, i am also new here :)
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