Ore Smelting Automation with Logistic Pipes Question


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Sep 24, 2019

I saw a couple of videos where people used a Crafting Pipe or Module next to a furnace and insert there the recipe. This led me to believe I need to set manually each recipe to a new furnace like the Logistics Crafting Table. Is there a way of not having to set tons of furnaces for each type of item that can go into a furnace?

For example, having 2-3 furnaces that know how to smelt all ores and other materials.

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 2, 2013
The Netherlands
Use a Chassis pipe MK2 to MK5, Then put multiple crafting modules in the open chassis slots. You can put as many recipes into one chasis pipe as there are slots. So 8 for a MK5.

Keep in mind that LP doesn't queue; If you request the next craft before the current one is done, it will try to insert the item in the occupied slot and fail.

To deal with this, you have to create your own buffered subsystem. So attach the chassis pipe with the crafting modules to a chest, and then use a different system to smelt all the things in the chest, and put the end results back into the LP system.
If you have Thermal expention/dynamics installed, you can use that for the subsystem.

The subsystem is also great for if 8 recipes is not enough. You can put 5 chassis MK5 pipes around a single chest.
Also, you can do faster bulk smelting by creating a subsystem with parallel furnaces.