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OpenGL Support

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by fieldsy364, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. fieldsy364

    fieldsy364 New Member

    After installing and updating Feed The Beast, I get this message when it tries to start:

    Bad video card drivers!

    Minecraft was unable to start because it failed to find an accelerated OpenGL mode.
    This can usually be fixed by updating the video card drivers.

    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 7fe0271 --------
    Generated 16/03/13 12:24 AM

    -- System Details --
    Minecraft Version: 1.4.7
    Operating System: Windows 7 (x86) version 6.1
    Java Version: 1.7.0_17, Oracle Corporation
    Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation
    Memory: 157016464 bytes (149 MB) / 259522560 bytes (247 MB) up to 1046937600 bytes (998 MB)
    JVM Flags: 5 total; -Xms256M -Xmx1024M -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:+AggressiveOpts
    AABB Pool Size: 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) used
    Suspicious classes: FML and Forge are installed
    IntCache: cache: 0, tcache: 0, allocated: 0, tallocated: 0
    FML: MCP v7.26a FML v4.7.35.556 Minecraft Forge Feed The Beast Mod Pack 0 mods loaded, 0 mods active
    LWJGL: 2.4.2
    OpenGL: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null
    Is Modded: Definitely; Client brand changed to 'forge,fml'
    Type: Client (map_client.txt)
    Texture Pack: Default
    Profiler Position: N/A (disabled)
    Vec3 Pool Size: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null[failed to get system properties (java.lang.NullPointerException)]

    org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated
    at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.nChoosePixelFormat(Native Method)
    at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.choosePixelFormat(WindowsPeerInfo.java:52)
    at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsDisplay.createWindow(WindowsDisplay.java:185)
    at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.createWindow(Display.java:311)
    at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create(Display.java:856)
    at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create(Display.java:784)
    at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create(Display.java:765)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(Minecraft.java:399)
    at asq.a(SourceFile:56)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:746)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    --- END ERROR REPORT 68326ff1 ----------
    I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit
    Java 7 Update 17
    Intel i3 3220 4GB RAM
    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Nerixel

    Nerixel The Amphibian Retired Staff

    Can you run Vanilla Minecraft fine on this computer?

    As it says, you should try updating your video card drivers. This error pretty much means that Minecraft is trying to use the video card for something the video card is not able to do, specifically Advanced OpenGL. Updating the drivers usually adds this functionality.
    Unfortunately, if this doesn't work, I have never found a workaround system. You have no choice but to buy a new graphics card if this doesn't work.
  3. SaintNicster

    SaintNicster Active Member

    As AgentTadpole said, you'll need to get the latest drivers for your video card. What do you have?
  4. fieldsy364

    fieldsy364 New Member

    I don't have a video card, I'm using the built in Intel HD Graphics on the i3 3220. Does anyone know if they support openGL? I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere. Thanks
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