Open only getting the one seed back Mystal agriculture (not sure if bug)

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  1. Jemas

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    Summary of the problem only getting the one seed back Mystal agriculture (not sure if bug)

    Pack Version 3.0.6

    What is the bug? I have been doing mystical agriculture for some time now and every time I plant something with it when it comes fully grown I only ever get one seed back.... I have checked the wikis and there is no say of ether scenario so I don't no if I'm doing something wrong or not ... I would really hate to have to make every single seed .. but if I have to I will

    Mod & Version

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    Is it repeatable? Easily plant some infernium and you only get the one seed back

    Known Fix
  2. Jemas

    Jemas Guest

    I just looked thru the congfig for the mod and found this

    # Percentage chance of a second seed dropping. [range: 0 ~ 100, default: 10]
  3. Dogt03

    Dogt03 New Member

    to make Mystical Agriculture not be as game breaking as it could be they made it so that there is no chance to get a seed back when harvesting and that you have to craft each seed you want. You can change it if you would like, its the same thing they ran into on the Sky Factory 2 mod pack and made the change to make it more difficult to reach end game content.
  4. Jemas

    Jemas Guest

    makes sence ... I do enjoy the challenge :)
  5. Dogt03

    Dogt03 New Member

    Yea, not having to craft every seed will allow you to progress to end game content within a couple of hours of farming. Farming Simulator is fun and all but i want to play Minecraft, lol
  6. Hazmatik

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    Maybe would be nice if they added a crafting recipe for a blank tier 1 mob chunk, by the time you kill enough of a mob to get a decent size farm for that mob you don't need the farm cause you already got a ton of the drops. This would make it still not game breaking cause for higher tier mobs you would still have to farm inferium essence to make the higher tier chunks. Maybe something like 1 rotten flesh, 4 prosperity shards, and 4 inferium essence in this pattern:

    P=prosperity shard
    I=Inferium Essence
    F=Rotten Flesh

    P I P
    I F I
    P I P
  7. Jemas

    Jemas Guest

    that sounds cool ... but I literally just farmed about 3000 zombies for chunks
  8. choekstr

    choekstr Guest

    Wait, wha??? Just use the sword that gives mob chunks and it is pretty simple to get a specific chunk. Cook it for a generic mob chunk. 3 more and you have your first seed. Want a higher level mob, just add some inferium/intermedium/etc and make the tier2/3/4 chunks.

    I think I killed like 10 zombies with the sword, got 4 zombie chunks, cooked them and made 4 mob chunks, upgraded them to tier4 and I had a ghast seed. Some crystal growth accelerators and fertilized dirt and within 10 minutes I had something like 50 ghast tears. I think the whole process took 20 minutes and 10 zombie kills. What am I missing here?!?
  9. Jemas

    Jemas Guest

    I am doing fields of things :p

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