Old Feed the Beast Maps / Packs


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Jul 29, 2019
I'm looking for an old version of the FTB map and pack. The map itself was mostly the same (except for some of the challenges, of course, and MAYBE the spawn island, but I'm not sure on that), but the PACK was quite different. It had many more mods than the Retro pack does, including logistics pipes and additional pipes, and I believe even TE. To get it then, you went to the #FTB IRC channel and clicked a link in the topic, but sadly, that has changed. I'm wondering if anyone has that version of the pack lying around, and if so, if they'd be willing to upload it somewhere for me.

I'm fairly sure it was for 1.2.5, but it might have been for 1.1.3 or something. I don't remember for certain. All I know is I had a blast getting my logistics system set up, and I'd like to go back and play that version.

Oh, and as I recall, it was FTB Insanity only. There wasn't a Normal version with this particular pack.

And, for the heck of it, if you've got old version of the pack, let's see if we can get a collection of links going here to get 'em download for us nostalgia-loving people. I'll try to remember to update this post, but no promises :p
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