Odd TD Filter issue in DW 1.7.10 latest

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Jul 29, 2019
I'm okay with the assumption I'm doing something wrong but I've done this a million times before and never seen this before..


The screenshots are in the wrong order.. #1 shows my filter setup.. #2 shows the servo and filter and pipe layout and #3 shows the servo setup.

What's happening is that items are getting into the chest that the filter is attached to which are not on the filter whitelist. It appears pretty random..



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Dec 6, 2015
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I think that when the triangle symbol thing says whitelist it means that the items you put in there are blacklisted and maybe what MacAisling said


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Jul 29, 2019
I haven't used BC in a while, but the first thing I'd try is moving that filtered chest at least 1 block away from the quarry.
This would be my guess as well. Odds are that the Quarry is doing the same thing as a BC Pipe at a T-junction, which is to flip a coin every time an item get there to decide where it goes. Since you have two chests adjacent to the Quarry, it does a split whenever it has to decide where items go. The reason it is seemingly random is likely due to the Servo pulling out most of the items before the Quarry has to make a decision, but those items the Quarry tried to move between Servo pulses are sometimes ending up in your otherwise filtered chest. Moving that chest one space should fix it, although you will have to reconfigure the Filter when you move it.