Nuclear reactors and steam

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Section9Chief, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Section9Chief

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    Hi guys, I know you can't guess but new guy here :p

    Anyways, I hope you can help....I have a nuclear reactor set up but even though all the vents etc take damage when turned on (indicating to me that it's on afaik) but it doesn't seem to be giving off EU. I checked the cable using a reader but it gives 0 EU. I read somewhere that the nuclear reactor gives off steam not eu.

    A: is this true?

    B: can it be changed to give off EU...if so how?

    Thanks in advance for any help :)
  2. Lisranda

    Lisranda New Member

    The various forms of atomic power in the various mods available can lead to a mishmash of information, and I think that's what's happening here.

    The Industrial Craft 2 Nuclear Reactor (You used machine blocks, dense copper, etc etc?) which gives you a GUI for components inside of it gives off EU directly. This is a function of the Uranium cells (their type and configuration inside the reactor). If you have no Uranium cells you won't generate any EU, though you shouldn't generate heat either. As long as it's on, there's no reason it shouldn't be outputting power. If this is your kind of reactor, how did you configure it? A cookie-cutter template from the IC2 forums?

    The Universal Electricity mod "Atomic Science" adds several types of nuclear reactors that cause nearby water blocks to generate steam, that can turn turbines to generate power. I'm thinking this is probably where the steam information you have comes from. These are not the same as the IC2 nuclear reactor.
  3. Section9Chief

    Section9Chief New Member

    Ah I see. I am using an IC2 reactor yes, with the following setup:


    I have 6 reactor chambers around a nuclear reactor as standard and a 4x insulated cable running off the top of the top reactor. When the reactor is on and the uranium cells produce heat, I checked the cable using a reader and I see 0 EU being made. I'm confused :(
  4. NTaylor

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    Stick an MFSU onto your reactor setup just to make sure its not producing any power as its possible the EU reader is just being weird (if you have to build another reactor in creative and stick an MFSU on it to test this), if the MFSU gets no power from the reactor then there is a bug somewhere and posting screen shots of what you have set up to see if it is set up properly.

    Some mildly useless side information, an IC2 reactor can give out steam but that is set in the config files and should not be the case in any FTB packs AFAIK, however what pack are you using?
  5. Harvest88

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    Actually I believe the brutal modpack does actually have IC2 reactors output steam default, it's the most brutal pack I actually found, solar panels putting out 10% of the energy, Geo and thermal generators 75% energy reduction, windmills and watermills even less yielding, UUM amplifiers options is reduced to one type (they don't even tell what's that amplifier that is), UUM fabrication cost bumped up to 18mil a pop, and finally the most craziest part is 1 billion eu for One centrifuging of lava. Oh and don't even goes on with Powerconvertors cause they made it gives out unyielding "conversion" rates so power loops are impossible and as a extra measure disable lava and oil fabs.
  6. draeath

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    I like the idea of steam output, with the caveat that you have some means to detect a full tank and shut the reactor down accordingly.

    EDIT: and IMHO water input should be required

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