Problem Not launching correct installation

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New Member
Dec 2, 2020
My friend is trying to join an FTB Revelation (v3.3.0) server my friends and I have created, but he can't start Minecraft properly.

He uses the FTB application to download and launch the modpack, and clicking 'Play' on FTB Revelation does launch the Minecraft launcher. However, it does not launch the MInecraft with the 'FTB Revelation - forge 1.12.2' installation, but instead with Labymod, which he uses regularly. He is also unable to use Skyfactory 4 now, which he played before using/launching FTB.

We don't know how to fetch logs for the launcher itself, so all we have are some screenshots of the right/wrong installation. (I was able to log onto the server without much error a few days ago, so I don't know how to fix his problem)

If anyone knows any fixes, please let us know :)