No options.txt on a mac install

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Jul 29, 2019
Wat do?

It's on my gf's computer and I can't see what's happening, but she's read off the contents of her minecraft folder to me and options.txt simply isn't there. I need to find it to turn off fullscreen=true cause her game locks up after initializing and she can't do anything but reboot her machine. (infinity evolved)


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Jan 2, 2013
The Netherlands
Try disabling the Fastcraft mod...

This can be done from within the FTB launcher, just by hitting the edit modpack button while infinity evolved is selected.
I've experienced it causing such crashes and even in windowed mode I still can't do anything but hard reboot. I found that disabling this mod makes the problem go away.
I hope this works for your gf as well

Annoyingly, it doesn't even generate a crash log, so its impossible to find out what causes the problem.
I found out by systematically disabling and enabling mods in my own private modpack and just keep rebooting untill I found the problem.