Suntanned Duck2

Hello, I'm SuntannedDuck2/Niche Duck, I'm commonly a part of the 1.13/1.14 mod community but I enjoy all mods and have for a few years now, I have been to the FTBForums before with the odd question (regarding Factory Tech) but I'm making a comeback due to now having a quest/goal to make a wiki for the Fabric Modloader and helping people out who are interested/want mod updates or need assistance besides my odd appearances on the wiki being just me into other discussion topics.

I'm also part Youtuber so I do make the odd videos related to the newly created and niche downloaded mods for 1.7.10 to 1.12.2 besides assisting with the latest 1.13/1.14 versions bug reports and advertising/assisting users.

I might comment when I have something to say on a topic but I'll mostly be hard at work on my Forum Wiki covering Fabric mod updates, tutorials on how to install it and assisting players/newcomers if I can.