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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by jjw123, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. SaintKenneth

    SaintKenneth New Member

    Well, I find them...mildly disturbing, rather then ugly, especially the non-big nose villager face.
  2. GretchenMC

    GretchenMC New Member

    all the animals look undead. I'll stick with Soartex Fanver.
  3. Tyriael_Soban

    Tyriael_Soban New Member

    Missing textures for the circuit parts that came out of gregtech :(
    in addition, alot of other textures are missing for machines from gregtech too.
  4. buzyb77

    buzyb77 New Member

    In next launcher these will need to be renamed to resource packs. As you can also change audio as well now.
  5. OMG

    OMG New Member

    Hey guys at FTB could you get the Sphax purebdcraft for yogcraft mod, please.
  6. williamheldf

    williamheldf New Member

    Next up i wanna see purebdcraft by sphax and faithful texturepacks
  7. Adjgamer321

    Adjgamer321 New Member

    Hello! My friend and I have a Youtube channel and I was going to record some gameplay from the ftb ultimate, can I record and monetize the video with this pack? Thanks!
  8. Nerixel

    Nerixel New Member

    I believe all the Mindcrack people do it without problems, so the answer's almost certainly yes.
  9. Katekyi

    Katekyi New Member

    Not sure who to tell this to but the JohnSmith pack doesnt have the quicksilver flower in it. The graphic says it needs an update.
  10. Philo

    Philo New Member

    That texture certainly exists in the (older) version of JSTR that I am still using. Must have gone MIA somehow....
    You could try this thread for a bug report.
  11. minecraftdude022

    minecraftdude022 New Member

    It will be nice to add more texture packs ( an advice add populare like sphax and Faithfull)
  12. MrSeanCZ

    MrSeanCZ New Member

    Please add to Launcher Sphax BDCraft
  13. YuvonDovah

    YuvonDovah New Member

    Shame it's not for unleashed but i have faithful so i'm ok.
  14. Ronbob55

    Ronbob55 New Member

    Pardon my noobness here but I'm a bit confused. There are two Diewwolf20 mod packs on the launcher, one uses MC 1.4.7 and the other uses 1.5.2. I've played the 1.4.7 and wanted to try the 1.5.2. I choose the latest version 1.1.6 and then go to the texture pack options. I choose the JSTR and then open the drop down menu to select the mod pack and it only shows one DW20 pack. It doesn't specify which of the DW20 packs. So I select the only DW20 listed and get to the in-game texture pack option. There is no JSTR listed, only the default.

    So I go look at the folders and notice that the launcher loaded the JSTR into the textures folder of the DW20 1.4.7. So for grins I copy it from there over to the DW 1.5.2 (still using the in-game texture option). Once in the game I see a new GUI but all the other textures are still the default.

    Also, The launcher states "Direwolf20 1.5 v2 (v1.1.3) Minecraft Version 1.5.2" on the mod pack list. Does this mean that v1.1.3 should be used and not the latest v1.1.6 that I chose?

    So what am I not understanding here?

    On a side note this same thing happens when I try using Soartex so I just assume that Soartex may not work with MC 1.5.2.
  15. Xris

    Xris New Member

    Ron good questions, lets see.

    The texture packs are all for 1.4.7 if I remember correctly that they will load some of the textures in 1.5.2 but it brakes a lot, though it has been some time since I looked at the texture packs for ftb. In Direwolf20v2-1.5.2 the version that they still recommend is 1.1.3 but to be honest I am not sure as to why? I think that 1.1.3 might have the less crashes but I would love to hear others thoughts on this too.
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