New Streamer - ConeyAW - Streaming Horizons Daybreaker SSP


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Jul 29, 2019
Hey you all! I'm starting a new stream and since no one is finding it out of the blue, I figured I better advertise myself!

Come hang out and be my friend while I play games. I promise we'll have a good time. The channel will cover a series on Horizons Daybreaker where I visit various planets and build all sorts of technical tools. I also like to play Hearthstone where I climb ladder ranks using only the best decks. I aim to keep things pretty PG, so kids are welcome too even though Hearthstone can get pretty intense at times.

I live in the Pacific Time Zone, and my hours are typically in the afternoon between 2pm-5pm, then later in the evening it can vary from 8pm-2am. Come check it out!