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Jul 29, 2019
Custom Main Menu

This mod allows you to modify the main menu using a json file, you can modify the content / location of text and button elements. You can also move the splash text and add / move static images to the menu (Like the minecraft title).

After your first run with this mod the only difference you should notice is that there is an additional button added in your main menu. If you look in the config/CustomMainMenu folder you will notice a file called menu.json. In there you will see all elements the vanilla main menu has, modifying the content and pressing the refresh button ingame will allow you to instantly see what changes you made (You can remove this button once you are happy with your result). Everything in there should be fairly self explanatory if you have ever worked with json files. You can edit / remove buttons, add / edit / remove texts and add / edit / remove images. More in depth guides will follow once this mod is "finished".

Buttons: The functionality of the specific button is determined by its json name, looking at the default file you should be able to see what i mean. Due to this you also can't add new buttons because what would they do? :p. The text for buttons is a language key, using resource packs you can add your own ones.

Texts: You can add new texts by just adding new json nodes to the file (see first example), the color option is an rgb integer but you can also use color codes in the text field to color your characters / words separately.

Images: You can add new images by just adding new json nodes to the file (See the minecraft title as an example).

Alignment: The options for alignment are : "bottom_left","bottom_right","top_left","top_right","button","center","top_center","left_center","bottom_center","right_center"

Splash Text: You can move / remove the splash text and change its color.

  1. Config / Result
  2. Config / Result
  3. Config / Result
  4. Coming Soon (Also if you have made something nice feel free to post the config & an image of it)
  • Alignment options for buttons (At the moment all buttons are "button" aligned
  • Custom button textures
  • Custom panorama background
  • Non language key texts for buttons
  • Way to add custom images to the menu
  • Placeholder strings
If you have suggestions on what you want modifiable or wanna report a bug you found please do that on my github issue tracker and not on curseforge :).

Please notify me when you use this mod in a modpack, you don't have to wait for an answer just send me the name of your pack.

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