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Jan 29, 2015
Looks like it might be too many entires too quickly, didn't get likes on some of them. But I've started to hit the point where I'm really making progress.
I had a bit of a crazy busy thursday and friday last week! Looking forward to seeing what comes next :) Is there a lot of stuff after the nether to do?


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Aug 21, 2012

Looks like power storage from COFH isn't going to work, requires materials that are still out of reach. But that won't matter too much, not if I can use these for not just remote power, but storage as well. There's some power loss but I can deal with that... MO POWER... solves many things.


I've got the lava being pumped up, makes sense that I use it as power in the base for more then just the IC2. I can't depend on it for everything as it arrives rather slowly, even with both speed upgrades, still every little bit helps.


On the subject of lava, seems that a bit of flowing lava will work to power a waterwheel, at least the bigger and fancier kind. It's a solid upgrade over the windmill because of the storms that sometimes happen in the nether. Now I can be sure that I will always have functioning machines.


As a preparation for possible automation of better with mods, or at least testing for such automation, I've made a void urn. While this means I'll have to switch if I desire more soul steel, it also means that I'll be able to sift as much as I want in a batch without the risk of overflowing.


A very nice luxury item here in the nether. This and a bucket of water would be the ultimate experience. Course in a place where that bucket boils in air when not protected, it might be too hot of a bath.


Redstone for ingots, ingots for armor and for gears, saves some trouble against making the gears from torches. Any I don't want to use I can grind down to get the redstone back, so might as well. If I just happen to end up with a bit more then I started with, well, no fault of mine.


Perhaps I go a little mad when I sit down and start to make things. Perhaps not. Maybe I really use two stacks of cloche. There's the mystical seeds, and harvestcraft, and a few other things I might want to grow, so you never know.


Orange dye might have been one of the harder ones to get when I was trying to make the diving suit, but now I can grind it from the fire flowers that grow in this region. On the other hand, trying to get purple dye to make the nature seeds is just as troublesome and has no easy solution to work with. This does work though, eventually.


Ran a bit short on prismarine and converting it from quartz is expensive. Much simpler to unpack it from the blocks I've got already. Seems to me that I remember it only taking 4 to make these blocks that are returning me nine each. Odd how that is sometimes.


As I want to make all of those seeds, going to have to gain myself quite a stash of inferium and other bits of magic. In order to grow it, I've also setup another plant, this one magically produces ice shards, that assemble into blocks of snow. Those melt fast inside a magma crucible and provide water where I've been melting down leaves.


I had a bit of trouble with the wiring, trying to get the blast furnace to run faster before. Now that I've found the guide for these rf tools I'm able to power them with that multiblock power source. I've better and faster ways to make steel, but when power is important and resources are tight, I might need to use this again.


Seems that I was also able to find schematics for an improved coke oven as well. A curious device, but it seems to operate well. As a power source coke isn't as useful as burnium, but without it I couldn't make the arc furnace run, so this will always have some use.


A cloche that's producing melons. Unpacked into slices, and processed into ethanol. The first of the two components needed for a proper fuel. I think this might be the best thing I could put into the fermenter right now.


A second, dedicated squeezer for the production of plant oil. Pumpkins seem to be one of the best sources of plant oil, but it's a little slow, won't quite keep up with demand. I'll need to tinker with it, maybe make something better.


Plant oil, and ethanol, and some carefully built machinery means that I've got a fuel source now. Not enough to run it constantly, but as long as I am careful to shepherd my supply I'll be fine. Just fine. Just fine.


Diesel generator to burn my new fuel and three of the power cells to take up the power into my network as fast and efficiently as possible. Perhaps I'll figure out how to use that power management equipment in the manual to make sure it's not running when I don't need all that power, but not yet.


I've given the chest of mystic dust from the infernium plant. I don't have enough to make everything, but I do have enough to make a solium chunk or two that I can work into an older, spare, tinker's longsword. I've also made myself a dagger to collect some of the experience chunks, those will come in handy, just need to switch to it for the finishing blow.


Not quite a full collection of the mystic seeds, but more then I thought I would be able to complete. Tier 6 are going to be nearly impossible, but a worthwhile challenge.


Just a single chest of the ones made with mob chunks. Took a bit of work with the cofh machines to make the blaze, blitz, bliz and other such things. Almost seems like every time I look at the requirements they seem to change.


I did say I needed the dagger too, another way to save experience doesn't hurt, specially once you've got an entire drum of the stuff from working outside the base. Another nice bit of progress made, these seeds mean that I won't have to sift for resources anymore.
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Aug 21, 2012

The more you try to shape magic, the more it takes to get a result. I've been finding scrolls that faintly whisper enchantment for quite a while now. Seems that if I take an enchanting table and modify it, I can let the scrolls tune the enchantment that the table produces. Makes things less random, but also costs me far more in experience, and a very large investment in books. Not entirely sure if it's worth the costs, but I do have the resources, I might as well.


I've also solved a riddle that has been bothering me. Potions seem to be more costly here, perhaps magic is just more fragile and needs to be more carefully imbued with these exotic ingredients. I did finally find a concoction that did the job, a paste involving golden apples and nether stars. I lost a measure of it in the brewing as I had to use a cauldron rather then the nice brewing stand, but I was able to make a few of these strongly caustic potions. They turned out to be strong enough to even slay the intangible spirits and reward me with a touch of ectoplasm.


One of the ectoplasm imbued into a rather soft alloy of gold gives me a metal with very strange properties indeed. Light, almost intangible. With it I was able to construct a sword that works against the spirits and a key that would give me another way to try to escape.


Sadly, it looks like the key did not get me anywhere that I'd seen before. A small pocket of reality, but it's walled in on all sides, and frighteningly close. Still it seems safe, if nothing else this is a place where I can rest in peace a while.


Admittedly, the remains of one spirit were not enough to make those treasures. When combined with a sapling though, I was able to grow a tree. A tree that grows a strange fruit indeed. Even with a crook saplings were rare enough that I felt lucky to be able to grow this small strange orchard.


While the trees grew, I took my time to turn to another project. I'd been using a small patch of mills heated by fire and lava. It was enough to run a few things, but not to run all the things, much less to run them all the time with as much speed as possible. These windmills are inexpensive, but return little for the investment.


If I am careful with the lavamills I can get more power out of each one, about double what I did before. Only way to get more from the fire is to have more mills on it. I think I could push these numbers even higher, but until I've a sound source of nether stars, I think I can afford to stop here with these.


The mills take up an uncomfortably large amount of space, and the lava is a bit dangerous to leave exposed, even in a place that I am unlikely to stay into randomly, even in a base that I've made mostly fireproof. Perhaps if I make some of these compact machines, bits of space all twisted together into the size of a single block, I might store them inside.


On the other hand, small, indestructible, and unable to be breached, this makes quite a nice arena to fight a wither inside of. All I need to do is make sure I can survive the experience, then I can fight in here and swing until I've gotten my rewards. Even half blind from explosions I can manage that.


In another, larger pocket of twisted space, I've made a structure with cursed earth. Inside I can hear spiders, and the occasional squeak or hiss from things in there as the grinder consumes them. I don't want experience. I don't want items. I am letting the monsters be consumed to make protein and this strange pink slime. With this slime I can make the more advanced machines from industrial forgoing's catalog.


The more I expand, the more power I need. I'd built a bit of an automation that was letting the diesel generator run sometimes, but I need it to run more then that. With these expansions I have in mind, it might need to run all the time. Two sets of melons for the ethanol, and of the pumpkins, a simply frightening number of them are needed. But it will run almost all the time now, if I need it to.


A single mystical seed in a cloche. A GP powered crafting table to turn it into resources, and a chest to hold it. Water from the pipe and the tank. Power from the wireless network. One of them is a start, but there are far more things I need then just the one bit of iron slowly grown.


If I remove the chests and just pipe the items right into the storage system I can fit quite a number of them into place all at once. About 30 materials now, as easy as if it all grew on trees. This is a much better and more predictable system when compared to the sifting of dirt and dust. There are things I can grow that I could never sift, and only a few things that I could sift that seem to not be able to grow.


It took me a long while, but I was able to expand the system until almost every seed that I'd made had a home in one of these. Some need to be combined together, some are used to make multiple items. I'll just collect these into chests until I've need of them. Better to have these things on hand for when I need them latter.


Strange how it happens, I'd stripped all the useful enchantments from the enchanted items that I'd gotten, one at a time, with the lens, but they just keep piling up. The good news is, the slow march of science has given me the enchantment extractor. All I have to do is keep it stocked with books and power and it'll turn the items into enchanted books.


Even with combining as many of the enchanted books together as possible, to as high a level as possible, it seems I've got far too many of them to fit in the crates. Carefully sorted and stockpiled into the chests, this is enough magical books to keep me going for a long while.
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Jan 29, 2015
Great stuff! :) I've got to say, I really dislike the diminishing returns on the Mills - they were annoying enough before! I get the impression that its designed to encourage you having as many types of mill as possible.

Were those... Thaumcraft crystals in your Spectre dimension?
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Aug 21, 2012

Looks like the next manual with machines I can build is this projector. Implies that this is going to be a number of multiblocks that I'll need space in order to construct them. That's part of the reason that I tend to take down systems once I am done with them. The other is to latter improve them.


The first of these machines I've put together is a little saw mill. It takes up less space then the waterwheel and saw from better with mods, but it seems that it's not capable of slicing wood into the slabs and gears that it can. Seems it's not a replacement after all.


A very careful machine, an assembler that can put together the most delicate chips without waste. Looks like I need some other materials before I can set it to work assembling the parts for the other machines and I'll have to continue to do it by hand, even with the losses.


Here we go. This machine uses up even more power then the arc furnace and so very slowly boils away the impurities in sand until I've only got a bit of pure silicon from it. Sadly this is also very slow. At least my power grid can handle a monster like this running.


While that machine is running, taking the time to put together a lathe, some materials can't just be stamped out and need to be turned and tuned into a rod with a more delicate touch. Where the stamping machine fails, this machine excels.


With the pure silicone, I can start to crystallize it. A bit more then an ingot of the material, into this machine, time and power while it runs, and I get out a crystal of silicon that is pure enough for the rest of the machines to work with.


While there is time enough, expanding the collection of plants growing the magical essences so that I can more easily make the most expensive seeds has some advantages as well. Never just sit and do one thing, never just wait for one thing, always be doing something. These might even be enough to break out into the overworld in style.


One of the more useful higher tier seeds grows silicon, almost pure enough for making chips and plates and other complex circuits. Not quite the right kind for these machines but close enough to convert it over.


Some of the results of that plant I'll be saving as silicon for applied energistics, when I get to tinkering with those machines. The rest I'll be converting into ingots so that I can make the crystals I need for chips in the assembler.


Sadly, there are not that many more machines I can make. Too many of them require titanium, a material that just does not seem to be in my reach down here in the nether. Least I've gotten far enough to use the assembler to make the chips and bits for these devices inexpensively.


I've one other idea that I could manage with this silicon, now that I've purified it. Slice it thin with the saw. Sprinkle it with the right metal dusts in the assembler. Gives you some chips that can do a mess of work.


A water chip. If I was in a vault I'd probably have been sent on a long trip to recover a replacement. Instead I'm in hell, and I've had to make it for myself. I'm not sure how it works, well beyond me, combines the tech from a number of sources to do it, however it is done.


The quantum tank is expensive, this chip was difficult, but now I've got water enough for anything. For everything. Piles and piles of experience taken in order to learn how to use such a delicate instrument. Highest requirements of any item that I've yet made. Still, worth it, well worth it.


With that task done, I turn back to the IF machines I'd been working with before. The mob masher has had time to collect enough pink slime for me to put together some rather exotic machines. The slightly impure silicon from this stonework factory is a much faster source then waiting for it to grow, but not the only thing the device can produce for me.


The most important use for the pink slime is a set of focusing lenses, turning insane amounts of power into coherent light. That light feeds into the drill that runs deep into the earth and pulls back resources strange and almost unknown, with no other source in this world.


Certus quartz that I can empower, draconium ore for even more exotic devices, multiple isotopes of uranium and even more exotic yellorium for a more powerful reactor. Even oil sand, don't have to process it from bitumen when some of this turns up. Though I do have to notice, no rutalite in the ores, no eriulim in the pile of gems. While this lets me push the limits, there are still things I cannot do.


Sneaking back into the spectral with my charged certus quartz, a pool of water exists here safely. This lets me get the fluix. It was also in here that I was able to get the first required pink slime from the slime fluid. Enough water would let me summon animals with bait, even the squid for a flight ring. Takes quite a few bait if you'd like to make an angel ring before the escape.


For me though, now that I've found the limit to what I can do here, it's time to punch reality in the face, blow a hole in this reality and get myself out of here. A bit of oil from the oil sands, a bit more from bitumen just to be sure that it stays open for me, and a quick step onto the platform.


Open skies.
Air that isn't a burning inferno.
Ice is the strangest thing, farthest from my experiences there, to see it naturally in the water. Looks like I've even emerged near a temple dedicated to the stars.
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Jul 29, 2019
Small tip for the XP and metals: look into the loot you got from the grave maze. with some clever machinery you can shortcut quite a few production lines after getting some initial materials.
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Aug 21, 2012

Since I started right here by an astral temple, I might as well start off here. Cleared out the upper levels as those are just for display, the real secrets and treasure are down here below the surface.


Took just a moment to make what I could with the first table, including setting up some lenses to focus the light. Even have some starlight collecting so that as soon as I find a location to build I'll be able to upgrade again.


In order to find a place where the stars shine down on earth in just the right unearthly way I need a resonator. With this I will cross o're the earth, until I've found home.


Not home, but a place of note. A bit of magical forest with all kinds of things growing, and this nature core making all those things grow faster. I've taken a few of these with me so that I can turn this for my own needs.


Another curious structure, a dark reflection to others that are in the world. This one seems to be designed so that you leave live offerings to the statue and see if it's accepted. I didn't stay long, I don't want to know what might show up to consume the offerings.


In a ravine, without anywhere to flee, I found this villager. He'd been wandering far and gotten something quite exotic to trade me. I took him up on the offer and then helped him home.


Built on a very small bit of land between a river and a bit of an ocean, home turned out to be rather nice. A place like this, in the darklands, you'd almost expect cultists. Guess maybe they live on the edge and that keeps them from going insane. Starlight is strong here, home for myself too, maybe?


First line of defense, a quickly thrown together wall and miles and miles of torches for the light. It's honestly a bit more of a fight to keep the villagers from planting beets in every single square of the farms.


Took the time to dig the rest of the hills away from the village walls, prevent things from jumping over it. Sure spiders could still get in, but even skeletons with a spider for a ride don't care about villagers and will leave them alone, mostly.


In my explorations one of the other villages just happened to have life fruit growing, and I was able to take a cutting for the trellis here. Lifefruit let me get regeneration any time and a bit of extra health on top of what I have.


When the skies fell, I was able to take the rod that I'd gotten as a reward before and put it to good use. A creeper was struck with the lightening I summoned and a book was enchanted into a magical tome. With that I've easy sources for materials just by converting some of the redstone or glowstone that I'm growing back in the nether.


That's rather handy when the wall you'd made before needs to be replaced with obsidian all the way down to the ground to prevent monsters that can dig or explode from getting into the village from below.


To really protect the village, a nice solid wall of reinforced stone. It might not be pretty but it gets the job done. If a zombie somehow gets past there, it will have to deal with consecrated earth and iron golems.


That won't protect me from everything, creepers against the wall might explode and give other things a path in under my defenses. This I cannot permit. So for those I've gone with a witherproof reinforced stone.


I've also been making improvements to the village. A few blocks at a time here or there. Changing one light for another, trying lamps and lanterns, while the resources to finish the walls grow in my farms.


Finally remembered that I don't have to keep using the portal, I've got the technology, I can improve it. There might be other places that I'll link together. Surely something in the end, somewhere.


Up here in the clouds is a good place for harnessing the stars. With altitude and a concentration of light I can make quite a bit up here. This should progress quickly once I desire products with colour out of space.


With focusing lenses I should have an even easier time making products of the stars. Some of them I can even make in the light of day now.


That instillation isn't far enough that I can do everything though. I had to return to the first temple in order to infuse starlight into the iron ore. I need only do this once as once I've the starlight metal I can grow a seed specialized to grow more of it for me.


My new home. A reinforced village at the edges of the darkness. While zombie hoards might slam against the walls for hours and fight back and forth in futile wars, they will never break in.
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Aug 21, 2012

Go then, there are other worlds then this. Now that I've found a base, I happen to remember there's a place or two that I could also be exploring. Took a fluxed diamond to make it open, instead of a normal one, but the flowers are the same. Into the twilight.


I'm more familiar with the nature of this place, with the twilight, then I am with the ever shifting worlds I am sent into. Simple enough to take a bit of glowstone, the raven feather, and torchberries for the map to the region.


Seems though, I can always be surprised. I'd heard of such a tree, in notes left by others, but not encountered one before, there's something special near here.


Never seen a quest ram before. I could picture being really excited by the blocks of gems that it rewards to me. The wool is a low enough cost, and the few not on the local beasts are easy enough for me to make replacements for. It's not a huge reward for me now, but it is very nice for the cost. An unusual creature, but this does make it complete.


This place is far more hostile then any other time I've been here. I've never seen a naga this aggressive, this fast, and this dangerous. It's a good thing that I've come so very well equipped to handle it.


The litch, this one more terrifying then most. While this one is only infernally boosted, one of the minions is blazing with the flames that mark it as a much more dangerous foe. All three of them are invulnerable to everything but the reflected shots as normal, but that is complicated by the effects. Blinded, against a foe that can make itself hard to see, it took longer then normal to take it down. The floor had mostly burned away. I'd nearly lost my sword as it was taken from my hands and just barely missed those flames. Risky, dangerous, and a far more interesting fight compared to climbing the tower.


Some of the protections that were in this place seem to have been shifted. I seem to not need to have to take down the hydra to gain protection against the cold before trying to face the yeti. There was a patch of the snowy lands near where I breached into this world, thus I sought to claim this for myself before the others.


With the yeti fur as additional warmth, a quick flight up the glacier, and there is the castle of the winter queen. While some of the towers are ones that it's better to fly up into, this one has a slightly strange way of being built. The top chamber isn't at the top, it's one of the scattered bits there, and the walls of all of them are thick, slow to break. Better to just go in through the inside, and the rewards, well worth my trouble. I'm oddly fond of one of the types of bow sometimes found here.


Face to face, the Snow Queen isn't as hard a fight. I can just tank her to the ground with swings, corner her, and not have to wait for her to try to attack me. Unlike the other bosses before her, she's not nearly as boosted and empowered as them, so she fell rapidly and I was able to continue to clear this space.


Next I went to face the maze. With my map, and a maze token to craft another, I was able to locate a hidden vault. The most impressive bit of treasure that the vault could have given me, wasn't in there. Sometimes I guess I just am not going to get a maze breaker. Such things happen.


Minoshroom wasn't quite in the center of the maze, but was easily enough found, and due to having a nice powerful bow, easily taken down. I'm not entirely sure why she's locked up and so easily taken down, I'm starting to feel strange about it, could she be a captive?


I don't know how, or why, the hydra fell so rapidly. I suspect a critical blow from my sword combined with a reflected shot right into the open mouth of that head. I've little left from this fight beyond the trophy and the accomplishment. Something is lacking when it's just that easy.


The tower of the Ur-Ghast, home of many monsters and minions that I'm glad to be able to skip by going up the outside. A few swings with my sword did almost nothing, but it fell to only a few shots from my bow. Multishot is a most wonderful ability on a bow.


Likewise I didn't have to bother with the beans of the troll cave, just go up and visit the giants and fight them face to face. I've said it before, it's a bit like fighting myself, or perhaps my reputation, so very much larger then life in this world. A pick, no matter how large, is no match for a sword like mine.


Taking the pick to the obsidian of the wall should do nothing. A stone pick is rarely able to break obsidian. And yet, the wall does come down, and within a lamp of cinders. I could have skipped, but I did want it as a relic of the past, if nothing else.


Easy enough to fly over the wall of thorns, I didn't have to use the lamp to tunnel through, and yet I did want the roses. I stayed in there for a while, collected what I wanted, and then used the lamp as I flew out to let myself escape and fly to the castle.


I've seen the castle once before, but it's a bit more complete this time. I'd never seen this basement and the note that I'd be fighting here to obtain part of the talisman needed to get through the final field.


Inside this violet field would be the final challenge. Not just on a sign, but in floating words burning in the air. It asks me to wait. I'm more comfortable waiting at home though. I've taken what loot I need here, materials enough to make a few more seeds, and I won't have to come where again.
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Aug 21, 2012

It took me a while but I realized, I've got enough mana steel from treasure and loot in the nether fortresses to make one of the rings. One of the most useful rings. A magnet. And glory be, I don't even need a rune for it. Ah, botania, balm to my nerves.


So much nicer having a magnet when I'm trying to build. Yup. I've made a huge cloud to build my base in. None of my project and builds is going to be in the village, I'm not going to get in the way. I've protected them rather well and nothing short of a full blown zombie outbreak will cause them harm now. Even then I suspect I've given them enough golems. If this turns out to not be true I'll see about some potion atomizers inside buildings with detectors set to zombie.


I've gone with a rather tall roof, but a thinner then normal floor and tried to do some decorative accents now that I've got something I can work with properly and a wider range of materials to choose from. Took more then a little bit of wandering the world to find things I like. Admittedly I could possibly have taken a bit from the end into this design too, but once you start with wood, it's hard to have anything else look as good.


With the basics of a base in place, packed up everything into crates and strongboxes and brought it over in loads from the nether, and then started to rebuild. I didn't gut everything from there, and I left enough supplies that if the worst happened and I was stranded there again, I could come right back here with the teleporter. I just need to make sure that I'm never completely out of power. The first step in rebuilding is simple enough, same indexer, and all the crates lined up. My storage has gotten quite a bit out of hand you see, with the loot of worlds, as such things normally go.


Next up, the storage wall. If I'd placed this against the wall, it would block the glowing glass that is half of my light. Thus I've made myself a tower. The controller is in one of the sides of the pillar, I've linked up with trim, and could quite easily make plum trim to hide it even better. For now I like the exposed look. I've combined the bonsai tree farm in with the main collection of items so that it's all one unit that can be easily accessed from the indexer. That's not every possible sapling in the pots, but some of the most interesting and useful ones.


Next up another rebuild of the compressed cobble system. Tier 4 cobble generation, fast hoppers to keep up with the rather rapid production. That goes into an assembler with quite a few speed upgrades, and it's pulled out by a filtered pipe. Enderium these days, all my pipes and filters are. I've got the stonework machine down there, as a test case. I wanted to make sure I could make a design that made compressed cobble faster then the machine, and once I did, I left it there for the small boost it gives.


Not every possible seed is in the cloche. There are some I didn't make, some I couldn't quite make. Nether. Overworld. Twilight. All in there. I never went deeply enough into the abyss to comprehend those materials, no seeds from there. My knowledge of the draconic arts is likewise limited and some aspects of that are not in there either. Likewise the most exotic seeds are delicate things that require special soils and blocks to grow, and refuse automation in this way. Still, with those few exceptions I've got unlimited materials to work with, and will gain more.


While I did get flux and fluix working, even growing seeds of them, I chose to wait until I'd finished making this base before working on the applications of energistics. The start of research into the linking of material and energy is often like this. Just a power accepter, a press, and patience. With the first pure crystals used to make chips, I could make the advanced inscriber to run larger batches of chips.


The growth of pure crystals is slow, even with a COFH machine to accelerate it. With that boost though it didn't make sense to use a growth accelerator or two, it was better to make a growth chamber and give it all the power it needed to make pure crystals all day long. From there I was able to replace and upgrade all of my inscribers with advanced machines. A stack at a time now I was making chips, and with those, and rocks from space, the heart of my new network was formed.


Thus was the loot of worlds moved into drives. Even using 8k drives it took three drive bays to hold enough of them to contain the loot. I'm fascinated by the idea of the drive panels, a trade of worth looking at. Four of them easily fit on the sides of cables, but only two blocks of them before the cable hits the limit of 8 channels. More items, less space, but higher demand on the system. I'd love to meet somebody who could push this to the limits.


With my base properly established, it was a simple matter to cook a cake and take a quick visit into the end. Have to think about a place to place my portal into the end, and to return from it, that wouldn't be easily taken out by the dragon. The good news is that she tends to remain in the dragon's nest, near her towers.


Multishot bow, and an empowered quiver. It didn't take long to detonate all the crystals, even the ones inside of the cages. The dragon never let me close enough to her to record what powers she had, but I found myself enwebbed, lit on fire, and otherwise continually harassed by her through the entire fight. In addition to that, she was also blighted, empowered with the purple flame. Still, even with near a thousand life points it was only a matter of time. Once she was gone, it was simple to pass into the outer ring of the end.


Ah, the fields of purpur. Growing in fields of purple grass and green crystal. I took only a few, knowing that I could now grow more in my cloche, in additon to being able to produce the end essence to make those materials as needed. I left this place mostly untouched as I flew beyond.


A deposit of draconium inside an obsidian rock, drifting slowly through the void, captured here for an instant.


The natives of the end build such strange structures, guarded with the shulkers at the portals. I've fond memories of exploring such places for loot, but it seems that little of what was there is what I needed now.


The dragon ship. Inside the most valuable bit of loot, an eyltra. For all that I have flight, I have to admit a certain pleasure in the swoop and glide of such a thing. I also took the figurehead of the dragon from the prow of the skyship. Another trophy to go with the ones from the twilight realms.


Also took from the monument the egg. Never hurts to have one of these. Just because I defeated the mother, is no reason to leave the child alone. No reason to continue the cycle of destruction. Maybe this time there will be peace.

Whelp, I'm done with this pack, moved on to another using falling through a portal in the end as a convenient way to pass from one to another, works well enough as a plot device. I just honestly couldn't stomach the idea of the averatas endgame. Perhaps someday I will be up for that kind of endgame.

Don't forget, in the first post of all my stories, is a spoiler with my past stories in it. If you liked this, you might like them, and I like your likes.
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