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NEI Need Help!!

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Pandas R Us, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Pandas R Us

    Pandas R Us New Member

    My NEI will just not work at all. I install it with the FTB 1.2.5 Mod Pack and I just cant figure out how to get it too work every single other mod works but NEI I follow the instructions for install perfectly but it wont work which is a big problem because I cant really make any of the things I need because I cant put it in recipe mode yet alone use it. Can someone either help me fix this(preferable option) or link me to a website with the recipe list for most of these items? Would be much appreciated Thank You for your time.
  2. welshtony

    welshtony Active Member

    With MultiMC NEI goes in coremods. Is that where you are placing it?
  3. Pandas R Us

    Pandas R Us New Member

    Im actually not using MultiMC should I try that?
  4. welshtony

    welshtony Active Member

  5. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    Wah, I read a strange thing, you "installed" NEI with the 1.2.5 pack?

    It is already in there by default, you know?

    Oh, well, maybe I misread, but anyway, if it is installed, when in the inventory, just press "o" (not 0, the actual letter o).
  6. egor66

    egor66 Well-Known Member

    Use MultiMC its the easy way to install mods & have many instances for many versions that you run can run as & when needed, ei 125 mods right upto the latest snap shot, remember to run the instance as soon as you create one, then run it again after each change, this way you can trouble shoot errors, when you have made your instance & have all the mods you want, if nei does not show up but it is in the mods list, try this ingame go to the gui & change to large, the default is small & some times nei will not show in small, also after you press E in game press O not the zero key, this turns nei interface on & off.
  7. Stellastronza

    Stellastronza Member

    99% of the people complaining that NEI does not work do not know that they need to press O to show it xD
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